Georgia is famous for being of a charming nature, and rich in natural resources, which are represented in Laayoune, rivers, wells and mountains. There are also many historical monuments dating back to the oldest civilizations that Georgia has seen since ancient times, and despite the small size of this country and its small population, it includes a heritage Great historical and cultural make it among the tourist countries in the world, so many come to visit them in order to see the mountain peaks covered in ice in the winter season as well as ancient caves sunken in the arms of tall mountains, in addition to its beaches and ancient cities, all this made Georgia a tourist country A distinctive feature, there is the magnificent glass bridge, the Temple of Christ, the amazing volcanic baths, and the Maksim Mosque, which is divided into two halves, the first half of which is for the Sharia and other wonderful places, and you have more information on Arab travelers.

Tips before traveling to Georgia:

  • Pre-booking a round-trip ticket and hotel reservation, as well as travel insurance.
  • Transferring currency before traveling and not completely relying on credit cards, withdrawing the card is limited, and avoiding loud voices and verbal arguments.
  • When entering any of the restaurants, it is advisable to request the price list first, and avoid entering the nightclubs, as the prices there are very expensive.
  • It is possible to experience minor health problems as a result of changing weather, so it is advised to take the necessary vaccinations before traveling.
  • If you want to rent a car, it is advisable to drive on the right, even if the road is clear.

Best Tourist Places in Georgia:

  • Narikala Fortress:

It overlooks the Mtkfari River and the city, and was built in the fourth century to protect the city from enemy attacks, and despite the earthquake of 1827, which resulted in the destruction of some parts of the castle, it is still standing.

  • Simmendia Sampia Cathedral:

It is one of the largest symbols of religious revival in the country, as it is an Orthodox cathedral that began construction in 1995 until 2004, decorated with many art of traditional Georgian architecture, its dome reaches 84 meters, and the cross of the cathedral is covered with mineral gold, and includes the cathedral for nine small churches.

  • Vardesia Monastery:

And it is called the city of the cave, dating back to the 12th century, and extends for several kilometers inside Mount Orcheli, and the monastery consists of 13 floors and 6000 rooms, of whom 3000 rooms are still to this day.

  • Lord’s Castle:

Built in the sixth century BC, and built among the rocks, it is considered an important commercial marco, and is home to about 5,000 people. Archaeologists have discovered the largest building they called Tamaris Derbazi, which is a vast hall that contains many huge stone pillars.

  • cathedral Svetitskhoveli:

It was built in the fourth century in the city of Mesikta, Georgia, and is one of the most important architectural buildings in it. This cathedral was renovated in the 11th century, and the interior walls include murals and symbolic remains. This cathedral was subjected to many attacks by Arabs, Persians and Russians.

  • Boulevard Park:

Located in the city of Batumi, this garden is one of the most important parks in the city as it is located along the beach, surrounded by palm trees and gardens, teeming with visitors on summer nights.

  • Rustaveli Street:

Located in Tbilisi, this ancient street dating back to the 12th century, includes many historical places such as the State Ballet Theater, the National Museum, Parliament, Opera and Kashviti Church, in addition to the presence of many restaurants, souvenir shops, bars and cafes.

  • Lake Resta:

One of the most popular places in the northern city of Abkhazia, this lake is surrounded by mountains and is characterized by its water saturated in blue and green, inside it swimming salmon, with a depth of 116 meters.

  • Aerial Tram:

It is one of the modern means of transportation that opened in 2012, as it was established at a great height above the old city, in order to facilitate the transfer from Narikala Castle and Rick Park.

  • Kazbek Mountain:

And it is called the Snow Mountain, it is characterized by its charming nature. It is located in the north of the country, on the border between Russia and Georgia specifically at the Caucasus Mountains.

Travel reports to Georgia, the most beautiful tourist cities in Georgia:

  • Tbilisi:

The first stop was in the capital city of Tbilisi and it includes many wonderful tourist attractions such as the popular bridge market that has many ancient and antique holdings so souvenirs can be bought from there, and there is a giant statue of Queen Tamara and it looks as if you are guarding the city on top of the hill and it is an outlet for its sword and Freedom Square Which is located in the center of the city and it has many high-end shops and halal restaurants, you can take the cable car and enjoy the view of the Kura River from the top, and in this city you can see the modern botanical reserve that is considered one of the most beautiful gardens where it includes many types of Plants and there is a waterfall, and visit the Tbilisi complex, where there is the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Georgia.

  • Borjomi:

This small city is a valley surrounded by green mountains and there is a fountain of sulfur and teeming with resorts and scenic views, where this city makes a fascinating river for two slits, as there are highways that are decorated with roses and there can be seen large numbers of cows and horses.

  • Caucasus Mountains (Godory):

There is the actual adventure, where a car is rented to go on the Caucasus Mountains in a journey that takes two hours, and during this trip you can visit the wonderful quiet Ananuri village that is located on the most beautiful lakes of Georgia and visit the ancient antique church in the village that overlooks the most beautiful blue lakes. Running river and green mountains, there is a beautiful emerald lake, and finally reach the tops of the Caucasus Mountains, where you can go to the highest peaks of Kazbage, which borders Russia.

  • Batumi:

It is one of the coastal cities with a European character that is located on the Black Sea at the borders of Turkey, characterized by its charming beauty, its emerald coast and its green mountains. The embodiment of the love story of Nino embodies the princess of Georgia and Ali from Azerbaijan. Complementing that brilliant city, you can visit the lake of the lotus blossoms, where imagination and endless magic are there, and you cannot miss there watching art museums that teem with artists, intellectuals and all art lovers, and in the case of children, you can take them to the Sixth of May Park, which includes many children games and a lake Wonderful with a small zoo.

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