Travel Tips to New Zealand .. Avoid Surprises before Traveling

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Travel advice to New Zealand .. New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world where you can walk long distances and do various activities. Skydiving, skiing and bungee jumping are all activities that New Zealand is famous for, and most travelers do not want to leave after enjoying all these things that satisfy adventure lovers always Instead New Zealand is inexpensive and everyone can visit and enjoy their time at the lowest cost, which is definitely a place not to be missed! Here are some tips that will help you plan your next adventure in New Zealand.

Travel Tips to New Zealand:

Your stay in New Zealand:

If you want to stay in hostels, expect that it will cost you between NZ $ 20-40 a night, while private rooms start from NZ $ 80, but if you are looking for a special room to suit your budget, you will find it starting from NZ $ 70; free Wi-Fi is not available in Most hostels, so if you need an internet connection you must make sure that the hostel provides it. Very few hostels provide free breakfast and some allow you to prepare your own food. You can work with Airbnb if you want to get your own apartment and the price These rooms are for more than 70 nights per night. Read also : Best Tourist Places in Sydney

New Zealand food:

Travel Tips to New Zealand .. Avoid Surprises before Traveling - Travel Tips to New Zealand .. Avoid Surprises before TravelingEating out is generally expensive, a meal for lunch or dinner with a drink in addition to table service can cost you around 35-40 NZD per person. Of course, you can find cheaper meals if you love Chinese, Korean and Japanese food (sushi in fact) Very cheap). It will cost you around 10 – 15 NZD. If you are in a hurry and want to have a snack, you can go to your nearest restaurant and eat your pie for only NZ $ 6, but fast food like: McDonald’s or Burger King will cost you between 7-15 Nzd. As for the grocery store, when you buy some pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other basic foods, it will cost you around 65-80 NZD per week.

Learn to cook your own food! :

Since eating out is expensive, the best way to save your money is to cook your own food, and for groceries and cooking utensils you can go to cheaper Pakn’Save or Countdown supermarkets.

Don’t waste your trip budget on tours! :

Tours are very expensive in New Zealand, as two of these tours are sufficient to spend your entire budget and send you to your country before you want to, but if you want to take a tour of a specific place you must plan well for its cost.

Traveling around New Zealand:

1581225440 191 Travel Tips to New Zealand .. Avoid Surprises before Traveling - Travel Tips to New Zealand .. Avoid Surprises before TravelingHop on hop off buses Transportation around New Zealand is somewhat cheap, local bus prices vary for each city, but prices generally range from 3 to 5 NZ dollars for adults, while for the bus system between New Zealand cities it is relatively inexpensive. Ticket prices vary Buses with increased road distance, for example, going from Auckland to Wellington (the capital of New Zealand), will cost you around NZ $ 40. Bicycle rental is available in most cities, and bike rental costs about NZ $ 15 per day per person and this price usually includes a helmet and lock. Try HOP-ON HOP-OFF BUSES It has buses for tourists that allow you to get to know New Zealand closely and get to know other people, but its only disadvantage is its high cost, especially if you intend to go to picturesque places in New Zealand. You can book your ticket and know the ticket that suits you and its price via this site HOP-ON HOP -OFF BUSES

How much will your budget be in New Zealand! :

Expected daily budget: NZ $ 70-90 / US $ 50-62 (Note: This proposed budget is assuming you are staying in a hostel, eating little food, cooking most meals or eating it in a mid-cost restaurant, and trying to reduce transportation use but surely you can Lower this number and you can make it more expensive) .Read also: Australia’s top attractions

Free Wi-Fi:

Internet in New Zealand is slow and expensive (but you can say it is improving!), McDonald’s restaurants throughout New Zealand offer free Wi-Fi but don’t expect to find many places offering free internet.

Walking tours in New Zealand:

You can find a few walking tours there and the most famous of these tours are held in Auckland and find a few of them in Wellington, these tours are available to tourists and even the locals and give them a close look at these surprising cities.

Skydiving experience you will never forget! :

1581225440 418 Travel Tips to New Zealand .. Avoid Surprises before Traveling - Travel Tips to New Zealand .. Avoid Surprises before TravelingOne of the most popular activities in New Zealand is skydiving and the best place to do this is over Taupo Lake which provides you with a spectacular sight at an altitude of 12,000 feet and it will cost you 300 NZ dollars, but if you want to get a video or pictures while you fall at an altitude of 15,000 feet it will cost 550 New Zealand dollar.

Visit New Zealand Islands:

New Zealand is an island country located in the southwest Pacific Ocean and consists of two islands (North Island and South Island) and a number of small islands. New Zealand has many picturesque islands located in the north of Auckland, which attracts tourists every year to relax on the beaches, swimming and surfing and most importantly is Watch dolphins and whales and eat seafood, so these islands are considered a holiday or summer vacation destination for most tourists.

Best time to enjoy visiting New Zealand:

The best time to visit Auckland is at the end of autumn (May) and early spring (September), you can find pleasant temperatures and low tourist crowds which means lower hotel prices. During the peak tourist season (from November to March), you will find the prices too exaggerated especially In the price of airline tickets, but you will also find warmer temperatures. Between May and September, you will find the number of tourists low and the weather cool.


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