Traveling to Bahrain

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Bahrain and its capital, Manama, is the smallest country in the Arab world, and it is actually an island of 765.5 square kilometers located in the Arabian Gulf, and it is one of the Arab Gulf states, and the origin in its name is due to the fact that it depends on two water sources, which are the eyes of the water in it, in addition to sea water, Because of its strategic location, it has played a great role in the field of commerce from the past, as it was the link between many countries and many civilizations, and it was a complex of divine religions, as it contains the most important Syriac Church, which is the Church of the East, and it is worth noting that Bahrain was one of the first The countries that I embraced the Islamic religion, and there were many conflicts that occurred between the countries neighboring Bahrain, which were aimed at annexing Bahrain to its command, especially after the first oil well was discovered in it in the year 1932 AD, until Britain declared Bahrain as an independent and non-affiliated country. A protection agreement was signed with the Al Khalifa family, and independence from Britain was declared in 1971.

Traveling to Bahrain

Travel to Bahrain is carried out by air through Bahrain International Airport, which is the only airport in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can travel by land to Bahrain, due to the bridge that was built linking the two countries, and it should be noted that traveling to Bahrain By air, an entry visa is required, and proof must be provided that the traveler has enough money in his bank account to be able to support himself, because it prevents any foreigner from performing any type of business during his travel.

Bahrain’s climate and nature

Bahrain is a semi-desert region, as the heat is severe there, and rarely there is rain on its soil, and the summer is the dominant season in it, or for winter, so the weather is mild in the day, cold and humid at night, but with scarcity of rains, and spring and autumn are considered The two shortest chapters per year, as for their nature, they are limited to some types of trees that can withstand the hot nature, and as a result of the lack of diversity in nature and the high temperature, we find that the types of animals there are limited and mostly are wild animals such as deer and rabbits, in addition to types of birds, whether they are Maha Rh Kalnurs, or resident Kalplbul.

The most important tourist places in Bahrain

There are many tourist places that you can visit in Bahrain, such as:

  • Bahrain International Museum: It is considered the first museum in the Arabian Gulf, where its establishment dates back to the year 1988 AD, and contains antiquities dating back 6000 years.
  • Bahrain Fort: It is one of the registered heritage sites in UNESCO, where the castle is located on the oldest ancient hill dating back 4000 years, and there are 500 archaeological pieces that indicate the history of Bahrain and the civilizations that followed it.
  • Pomher Castle: The traveler will be able to explore the Pearl Road, which was the harbor for merchants in their business operations, and it is worth noting that this project is on the list of human heritage.
  • Block 388: It houses a range of shops, restaurants and entertainment areas.

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