Traveling to Sharm El Sheikh

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Sharm El-Shaikh

The Arab world contains many coastal regions that are distinguished by their climate and wonderful nature, and one of those areas is Sharm El Sheikh located in the Arab Republic of Egypt at the junction of the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea coast, and it has an area of ​​480 square kilometers, and the number of its population reached 35 thousand people, according to The last statistic was conducted in the year 2013 AD and the city was established in 1968 AD and is well known for the city of peace where peace and security are available at a high level, and this led to its selection from the five best cities for peace across the world, and the classification was issued by UNESCO.

Traveling to Sharm El Sheikh

The city of Sharm El-Sheikh was distinguished from other Egyptian cities by establishing more than 200 buildings of tourist resorts, restaurants and hotels on its shores, which made travel to it for the purpose of tourism a requirement for all persons from Arab and foreign countries alike and access to Sharm El-Sheikh via ships coming from the sea Red or through the flights that land at its international airport, as the city is reached and enjoying its view and its resorts at the lowest prices, it is one of the cheapest tourist areas in the world.

The most important places in Sharm El Sheikh

Tourist areas in Sharm El Sheikh :

  • Ne’ema bay: The Gulf is located in the middle of Sharm El Sheikh and connects the African continent with the Asian continent. Thousands of tourists visit it annually in order to entertain and enjoy its natural scenery represented by coral reefs, white sands and colorful fish that are seen through the glass boats abundant in the region. The Gulf provides a large number of high-end tourist resorts Restaurants with delicious cuisine that aims to provide comfort for visitors.
  • Ras Mohamed Reserve: The reserve is considered a world heritage that was recognized in the year 1983 AD. The reserve includes many coral reefs, wonderful fish of various colors and endangered turtles, and the reserve is enjoyed by diving in its waters or by sailing in glass boats.
  • Tiran IslandThe island has an area of ​​61 square kilometers and is approximately 6 km from the eastern coast of Sinai. The island is characterized by its granite base rocks and water-filled pits that formed through natural sculpting. The visitor can see the coral reefs on the island and watch the ships sunk at the bottom of its sea.
  • Peace Park: The garden contains more than 37 species of rare medicinal plant grown on an area of ​​33 acres, and the visitor goes to them in order to identify these plants and buy what they need in addition to enjoying the vegetables in them.
  • Cleo Park: To enhance tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh, a number of amusement parks have been created that provide entertaining games for children and adults alike, among them the Kilo Park, which has a pharaonic character.
  • One Thousand and One Nights Park: It is a park that offers visitor enjoyment, horse riding and watching Egyptian folk dances in addition to the impressive colors and sounds of the visitor.


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