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The Republic of Dagestan is located in the northern side of the Caucasus, and the city of Makhachkala is its capital, and the capital is located in the middle of Dagestan, as it overlooks the Caspian Sea, and the population of this republic is approximately 2910249 people, and the population is distributed in all cities, and the population is A mixture of many different races, but the majority of this population speaks in Caucasian and Turkish, and the most famous ethnicities who reside in Dagestan are from Afar, and from Dargin, Kamik, Lezgian, LAKS, Azerbaijan, and Tabasaran and from Chechnya, and 3.6% of this population They are of Russian origin.

Tourism in Dagestan

This country is characterized by many advantages that attract tourists to it, as it has a picturesque nature and wonderful green spaces, as it includes the walled old city, which is one of the monuments that have been included in the World Heritage site in UNESCO, and the city is famous for many natural places that tourists visit, and in it Many archaeological sites are located on the southern side of Russia, the most important of which is the Makhachkala region, and many tourists go to Dagestan to climb to the high peaks of the Greater Caucasus, and in the country there are many small villages that are made of Uday D is one of the beautiful stone houses that are still used today, and there is no doubt that tourists in these countries cannot miss the popular markets in them. In these markets there are many unique products that are difficult to find in the same quality as in Dagestan, such as: distinctive Dagestani carpets, and fashion Unique traditional, white caviar, and many different artifacts, the most important of which are swords, and traditional daggers that many different ethnic groups make. One of the most important characteristics of this country is that it includes many races, many customs and traditions, and iron from Civilizations even include many different food items, which the tourist feels is visiting many different countries at the same time.

Details about Dagestan

This republic is considered one of the oil-rich places, as it is rich in natural gas, and it has many coal mines and iron ore, and it contains many other rare and rare minerals, as it is distinguished by its diversity of terrain and the presence of many rugged slopes in it, and this republic is from the country Industrial, due to the availability of natural gas and oil in it, in which oil is refined, and there are factories specialized in manufacturing heavy machinery, various engineering industries, building materials industry, and many wooden manufactures, glass industry, and the distinctive handmade carpet industry, and in which manufacturing is made For many food and wine, as many as handicrafts unique manufactures.

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