Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is a Balkan country located in the southeastern part of the continent of Europe, and shares borders with Croatia and Serbia, with an area of ​​approximately 50 thousand square kilometers, and Sarajevo is its capital, and there are nearly four million people according to a recent statistic, and Islam is its official religion.

Terrain in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The nature of the country is characterized as mountainous, in which the mountains are concentrated in the center and south of the country. It also contains forests, which constitute half of the country, in which there are bushes and trees, and the climate of Bosnia and Herzegovina is described as a continental temperate, while in summer it is hot, and in winter the temperatures cool and snow falls on them.

Traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is distinguished by its important tourist place of a religious, historical and cultural nature, which would attract tourists from all over the world, as many people practice ecotourism in it, and tourists go to skiing, in addition to the presence of natural places, forests and scenic attractions that attract adventurers and explorers who practice Hiking and climbing.


When traveling to Bosnia, it is necessary to prepare and determine places and make travel reservations and hotels, and to have a plan for the trip, and once there are tourist guides who explain to the traveler the features of the place, its history and information about it, and the traveler passes to Bosnia via Istanbul, buses and buses are available to travel, and tourists enjoy With resorts, attractions, rivers, ancient towns, heritage and history, stone towns, waterfalls, swimming pools, hot mineral water, vegetables, nature, and springs.

Tourist places

Several Bosnian regions are considered beautiful tourist attractions, including:

  • Sarajevo is a city of tourist and cultural importance.
  • The coastal tourist city of Neum.
  • Kavac, which is the largest artificial lake.
  • Al-Muadham Castle built by the Ottomans.
  • Tisani is one of the most famous cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Travel goals

  • Charming nature.
  • Enjoy it European character.
  • History and tradition.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Religious character and mosques.
  • Nice people and friendly treatment that tourists receive.

Activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is interested in literature, arts, and architecture, and the succession of civilizations and people has led to its influence on it. On the level of literature, there are writers and poets and theater, magazines and books, but in the field of art, there are paintings and tombstones and museums, cultures and architecture varied, cinema, and Bosnia is also interested in sports .

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