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Brunei (English: Brunei) ٬ Officially the Sultanate of Brunei (English: Brunei Darussalam) ٬ is an Islamic country located in the southeastern part of the continent of Asia, on the northern coast of the island of Borneo, as it is bordered by the South China Sea from the north, while the State of Malaysia borders it from the rest . Brunei has an area of ​​5,765 km ٬ and a population of 436,620 people, according to 2016 statistics. It is called Brunei Darussalam or the Land of Peace. The capital of Brunei is Bandar Seri Begawan.
Brunei is considered the kingdom of dreams; it is a country with a very large income, and the population of the Brunei kingdom lives on a high and high level, due to the wealth enjoyed by most of them, and Brunei is distinguished as one of the countries with the highest income ratio in relation to the gross domestic product of the state, where Brunei ranks the eighth country In the world in terms of per capita income, it is also distinguished by providing free health care to all its citizens in hospitals, and the government guarantees free education for all citizens without exception.

Travel to Brunei

The Sultanate of Brunei is considered one of the preferred destinations by tourists and visitors because of its great political stability, inter-ethnic and interfaith harmony is very large, as the residents call it Dar es Salaam, because of its tranquility and stability. It is possible to travel to Brunei for a number of reasons. The reason for the visit must be specified in order to apply for a visa for the country prior to the visit. The types of travel visas available in Brunei are:

  • Tourist Visa.
  • Diplomatic visa.
  • Study visa.
  • work visa.
  • Investment visa.
  • Family visa.
  • Employee visa.
  • Transit visa.

To apply for a visa of any kind what was previously mentioned, you must visit the embassy of the Sultanate of Brunei in the country in which the visa provider is located, and before applying for a visa for Brunei, you must verify the validity of the passport for a period of not less than 90 days, and must also make sure that there is At least two blank pages in the passport to print stamps on.


Brunei enjoys ease of travel, as it can be reached by air, sea or land, in addition to the presence of many means of transportation within the country, which facilitate the internal movement. In Brunei, Brunei has an international airport that serves the entire country, and is considered the main transit point for the country for air arrivals. Brunei also owns the Royal Brunei Airlines Company, which was launched in the seventies of the last century, and is considered the official airline of the country, and there are also 3 locations To take off and land the helicopters.
As for a sea, in Brunei, there is a port in Moara to serve sea travelers, and it is also used for the purposes of shipping oil exports. For transportation within the water, there is a water taxi used in Brunei, which is used for transportation within the country and to the famous Kampung Air water village. This water taxi is used for transport across the Brunei River, which is an excellent way to see the water village closely and its prices are symbolic. To reach the Malaysian island of Labuan there is also The ferry service that takes tourists to the island in just 45 minutes.
As for road, there are many roads that can be moved within Brunei, where the Sultanate has a network of roads linking its cities and connecting the capital with the rest of the cities, and the length of roads in Brunei reaches 3,029 km٬ of which 2,425 km are paved roads. For internal transportation, there are several means of transportation, the most important of which are buses, which are used to move between tourist areas inside the capital and other cities, and there is a place for buses to gather, and specific places for departure for cities outside the capital, and the prices are very appropriate, and there are taxis that can be used to transport to any Destination within the country.

Geography and Climate

Most of the Brunei Sultanate’s land area is covered by forests due to the gentle continental climate, and its lands pass by the Brunei River, the Pelite River, and Totting. Brunei is divided into two main regions, separated by a city called Lembang which belongs to Malaysia, and it is considered fractions that completely surround the Sultanate of Brunei, except for only one part of it, which is the northern coast of Brunei, and the Sultanate of Brunei is divided into four main administrative regions, namely: Belet , Brunei and Moara Region, Temporong Province, and Totong Province.
Brunei has a temperate continental climate in temperatures, and it rains all year round along the coast and in the interior regions alike, as the Sultanate has a tropical climate because of its location on the equator, and tropical forests cover most of Brunei’s land by up to 70% of the total land area أعلى The highest average temperature during the day reaches 29.4 ° C, while the lowest average temperature reaches 21.1 ° C, for all months of the year and in all seasons.

Religion and population

The official religion of the Sultanate of Brunei is Islam, and the Islamic character prevails over the country and its customs and traditions, so that tourists are required to adhere to and respect the teachings of Islam. Convert to Islam 78.8% of the population. Islam was declared the official religion of the country in 1959 CE, when the constitution was written. Besides Islam, there are many other religions in the country, where 8.7% of the Christian population embraces, 7.8% of the population convert to Buddhism, while 4.7% of the population embrace other religions, according to statistics in 2011.
The population of Brunei is 436,620 people, according to the statistics of 2016. There are many races and religions in the Sultanate in the country. In terms of ethnicities, the majority of the population consists of Malians with 65.7% of the population, followed by the Chinese with 10.3% of the population, while According to 2011 statistics, Brunei comprises 3.4% of the population, and Brunei has another ethnicity of 20.6% ٬, Brunei is the official language of the Malay language, and the people also speak English, Chinese dialects.

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