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Traveling to Munich

Munich is very popular with people who prefer to travel to Europe, as this German city possesses all elements of tourist attraction, and it is the third largest German city that witnesses a somewhat active travel movement, and it is indicated that this city contains advanced transportation, and perhaps the best thing in the city is The strict security system in the region, as this system helps the safe movement and travel of women. The region also witnesses many attractions that attract travelers and tourists to it.

Things worth visiting in Munich

The following things can be done when traveling to Munich, as follows:

  • Listen to the Marienplatz watch: This watch is located in the Maria Marienplatz square, which is located in the central square in the heart of Munich, and this watch receives attention in the period from March to October, as the sounds of this famous clock harmonize from eleven in the morning, and the second hour Ten o’clock in the afternoon, as well as at five in the evening, as its 43 bells ring, and there are more than 30 characters laughing, fighting, and dancing, and at the end of the show the golden bird cries three times to finish, and in the event of a late show, it can be seen at nine o’clock in the evening There is another opportunity for pedestrians And the angel of the night guard.
  • Find the Devil’s steps: The Devil’s Streak, a mysterious imprint, can be found in the twin tower church (Frauenkirche), dating back to the fifteenth century, and is the largest church in the city, accommodating 20,000 visitors, and this mysterious footprint can be seen when it is done Entering the church, and legend says that this black mark is where Satan sealed his foot, as he miraculously survived the Second World War.
  • Munich English Garden: It is considered the largest city park, and it is a place for excursion on any sunny day, and there are many attractions in the park, including boats, hiking along wooded paths, and others.
  • Skating over the Eisbach Canal.
  • Residence in the Royal Palace: The Munich Palace opens to the public, which is one of the free and open palaces, and it is reported that the beginning of the construction was in 1385, and the place was worthy to be the largest German palaces, but today it is the best European museum equipped with the latest interior decoration, and it has ten outdoor squares, 130 A room of royal antiques, artwork, ceramics, and furnishings.

Geographical location of Munich

The German city of Munich is the capital of the state of Bavaria located in the southern part of Germany, and it is the largest city in Bavaria, and the third largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg.Munich is located 50 kilometers from the edge of the Alps, and it extends along the Eraz River that flows in the city center. It is located between 48.14 degrees latitude and 11.58 degrees longitude, and 524 meters above sea level, and has a population of 1,260,391 people.

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