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Means of travel to Russia

Travel to Russia can be done via the following transportation:

  • Air transportation: It is possible to travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg by plane, and by using most of the major airports. It is noted that access to other Russian cities by plane is difficult most of the time.
  • Train travel: trains can travel to Russia, where there are two trains (one day train, one night train), and the train runs from Vilnius in Lithuania to Saint Petersburg, as can travel by train from Helsinki and Finland to Saint Petersburg, and can travel from Riga and Latvia to Moscow, in addition to the possibility to travel anywhere in Russia by train, and travel by train is cheap compared to traveling by plane, as it is rare and very expensive.
  • Bus travel: A cheap bus can be taken from Riga (Latvia) to Saint Petersburg, and it takes 11 hours to travel by bus.
  • Boat travel: One can travel from Turkey to Russia by boat, where boats are available that will transport travelers from Trabzon in Turkey to Sochi in Russia, and can also travel by boat from Japan, Korea, Georgia and Ukraine.

Important matters related to traveling to Russia

There are many important things to know before traveling to Russia, and they are as follows:

  • Obtaining a visa to travel to Russia.
  • Get a Russian phrasebook in the country, as well as some guides and maps that help the traveler.
  • Searching for public transportation, as public transportation is the best way to get around in Russian cities, especially large cities equipped with the metro system.
  • Choosing clothes to suit the cold Russian weather, as the Russian countries experience freezing throughout the year, and Russia witnesses a cold winter and a hot, humid summer. When traveling to Russia during the winter, the traveler needs the appropriate shoes, many socks, warm coats, and fur hats.
  • Learn about Russian cuisine, as Russian cuisine has many food options.
  • Not drinking from tap water, and only drinking from bottled water.
  • Respecting Russia’s local customs. For example, visiting a Russian house requires a small gift upon arrival. Compliance with the laws of dress in theaters and some restaurants must be observed. Visiting churches requires wearing special clothes. Women should wear a headscarf and a long skirt, and it is often allowed By wearing pants, men wear long pants and take off their headgear.
  • Beware of minor crimes like pickpocketing and others.
  • Cashing before traveling to Russia, where it is preferable not to go out to the country without cash.
  • Plan a travel route to Russia.
  • Be wary of prices, as it is common for Russia to have fairly moderate prices.

The best times to visit Russia

It is preferable to visit Russia from July to August, as these months are considered to be the warmest times of the year, as this period witnesses the main holiday season, and in the event that the traveler does not prefer to travel to Russia during the tourist crowding season; it is preferable to visit the country from May to June, Or from September to early October, and in the early fall of the fallen leaves, trees get mushrooms and berries, and it is noted that the country’s winter is very cold, but theaters open their doors during this season, and it is advised to avoid visiting the country during the end of February, and March, And early April.

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