Tangier will always and forever be the historic cosmopolitan city, which can captivate its visitors with the white color that overwhelms its old neighborhoods and most of its streets, which made it worthy to take the title of the bride of the north, and most of this city is that it serves as a meeting point between the Atlantic Ocean The Mediterranean and a meeting point between Africa and Europe, as well as it overlooks the European continent. It is possible to see Spain through one of the main streets of this city, and the population of this city is about 1.065700 people.
And it is considered the sixth city in Morocco in terms of population density, and at a distance of 12 kilometers east of Ras Sayartil which is the entrance to Gibraltar from the western side, and at a distance of 10 kilometers there is west of Ras Malabata, which is similar to Ras Paloma in the south of Spain, that city of strategic importance Great long time ago.
And because it is one of the cities that were ruled by crowds of invaders over the centuries, they were facing the Vandals, Romens, Arabs and Portuguese, that city dating back two thousand and a half years ago, which made it one of the oldest cities in North Africa, and one of the most vital areas of the city of Tamjat Bazaars The Kasbah and the markets, in addition to the fact that this city enjoyed the charm of its breathtaking beaches, which made it in the last century become one of the places that the world’s rich people intend as a tourist destination for them, we will get to know them in more detail on Arab travelers.

The most important landmarks of Tangier for tourism and entertainment:

And when visiting this city, the first place that is required to visit is the wall of the Almazkazin or the weighted and lazy, and go to it by the Moroccan bike, this wall, which is located in one of the most important streets in Tangier and it is the Polibar Street, and the legend says about this street that young people were going to this wall in order to look to what Beyond the dream, and dreaming of a different life on the territory of Spain, but in reality this wall is considered a center for the convenience of merchants who come from other cities, and in our article today we will talk about the most important attractions of Tangier and the best tourist places in it.
The city is surrounded on the western side and the northern side with a coastline of 16 km in length, about 12 kilometers of which are located on the shore of the great Gulf of Tangier, which makes the city of Tangier as an important point of summer for thousands of tourists in the year inside and outside Morocco, this city receives in one year About 47% of the foreign tourists who come to Morocco have been transforming the old port of Tangier, which was a commercial port to become an entertainment port, this city has a number of resorts and many coastal villages such as the Tangier City Center resort that opened in 2007 on an area of ​​18 hectares where It has an carrying capacity Approximately 1,230 beds, equivalent to 20% of the city’s total capacity.

The most important tourist places in Tangier Morocco:

Kasbah of Tangier:

The Kasbah or as Kasbah Ghilan is one of the most famous tourist places in Morocco, which is located on the banks of the valley, which is known as Wadi Al-Halaq. This Kasbah includes many buildings including the Kasbah of the Kasbah and the Kasbah Mosque. To the beach of the Atlantic Ocean, as it is located close to the Strait of Gibraltar, there is no doubt that this site is one of the most important sites that must be visited when arriving and visiting the city of Tangier, this old Kasbah with steep gates, some of which are still standing to this day, and one of its most important features It’s natural bits Abundant forest cover gives the entire city a natural outlet.
The Kasbah is located at the highest point in the city of Tangier, which provides more than wonderful views of Gibraltar and Spain, and at the time it was going to represent an important meeting point for the exchange of cultures, while the Kasbah district on the northern side of the city of Tangier where most of the Moroccan sultans lived, when entering the neighborhood You will find a gate that opens on to a large courtyard, and then there is the Dar Al-Makhzen palace and there is also the newly built Kasbah Museum. It is possible to access it via the gunpowder or from the mini market.

Cave of Hercules :

The Cave of Hercules overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is considered one of the distinctive tourist places in Tangier, as it is one of the largest caves in the African continent, as there is a creek extending over a distance of 30 meters inside the mountain in the ground, it receives many tourists and visitors who come to She visited from all over the world, in order to get acquainted with this cave and learn about the legends that revolve around it, and there is a wonderful cafe at the top of the cave where visitors can have a snack while enjoying the picturesque and charming views of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Gulf of Tangier and the coast of Andalusia.
It is possible to take a tour around this cave from the outside and enjoy watching the old drawings that were carved on the rocks and enjoy watching the shape of the outside cave which is very similar to the map of Africa, while not forgetting to enter the cave to enjoy it from the inside as it overlooks one of the most beautiful scenic views between The Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean are one of the favorite places to meet many memorial photos. As for the dates of the grotto visit, they are available throughout the week starting from nine in the morning until eight in the night, you can enter the grotto in exchange for a very simple and sometimes symbolic amount Free access to it.

St. Andrew’s Church:

This unique church, which was built in the Islamic architectural style, which made it one of the most distinguished churches in the world, and made it an important example of the cautious mixture that occurred between cultures and civilizations in the city of Tangier, and this church includes towers built in the form of the silos of Moroccan mosques, It contains a large number of wonderful sculptures and unique decorations.

Librairie les insolites :

This place is due to its French origin, which is called Stephanie Gao, and the idea of ​​this place differs from the rest of the libraries in the region, it is very similar to the cultural center, as it contains a literary café and photo galleries, this place is considered very suitable for morning coffee and is suitable for reading lovers and can attend some Activities that include it, such as book signatures and debates, which are mostly about the art of photography and may be selected literature from independent publishing houses or collections of poetry.

Edge Cafe:

This cafe is internationally renowned and is one of the prominent tourist destinations among famous people of Morocco and foreigners, famous for literature, art and politics, and the establishment of this cafe dates back to the year 1920, it is like a legendary place built on a high plateau overlooking the strait of Gibraltar stairs, and is very suitable for a cup of Moroccan tea Then follow in the footsteps of the well-known Moroccan novelist, may God have mercy on him, Mohamed Choukry, The Beatles, and other novelists who managed to leave a mark there.

Ashkar Beach, Cap Spartel:

At a distance of twenty kilometers from Tangier, this beach is a popular place for friends, families and tourists, as they flee to it from the hustle and bustle of the city and its sea, it is a very suitable place for people who love to practice water sports of all kinds.

Moroccan Museum of Art:

The history of the establishment of this museum dates back to the seventeenth century AD, where it was known as Dar Al-Makhzen and also known as the Sultan’s Palace. One of the most distinguishing features of this museum is its elevated location in Tangier, as it overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar and overlooks the old city. The museum is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Tangier, and in this present all everything related to the history of the city of Tangier and its environs and the presentation of civilizations that rolled over it is displayed. This museum is known for its ancient architecture and consists of three sections and its engineering is the subject of its presentation mainly.

Cinema Reef (Cinematech Tangier):

Tangier is still standing to preserve its cultural significance that surpasses many other cities, as it hosts the most important festivals in the cinema, and also constitutes a tourist destination for cultural leaders and artists who have had a role in the development of the city, such as the artist Yato Barrada, the Moroccan photographer Franco, who had a clear role In the establishment of the cinematics of Tangier, this great cultural project, and that was with the particiAl Bahahn of the famous French producer, Syriac Oriole and gentle director of Latouh Al Maghribi, and this cultural center aims to spread the culture of Smina in Morocco, especially Tangier, as Barda has chosen Reef Cinema to be one of the oldest C It is located in Tangier, in which films of a future and non-commercial nature and documentary, experimental and short films are displayed almost daily, and of several nationalities. This center contains two galleries and is located in the April 9th ​​square that is located in the Grand Market.

old City :

It is one of the most beautiful and beautiful tourist places in Tangier, and this ancient city consists of several ancient mosques and many alleys in addition to old Moroccan buildings, and among the most famous places that can be found inside the old city, we will find the Petit Socco Square, which is the heart of the old city, beating The elderly men sit there for hours, drinking tea and playing a table, as well as wandering around this square, which is one of the things that is necessary for visitors to Tangier. In the east of the square there are a number of factors such as the Great Mosque, which is one of the most famous mosques in the old city where Most tourists go to it to enjoy the architecture of authentic Moroccan style.

Phil Tofel:

The city of Ville Nouvel or as people call it the new city, and this city is famous for the architectural style of buildings that existed in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, as this city is characterized by the presence of many high-rise buildings that were present in this era, in addition to The ability to go to Tangier harbor, the demand on the picturesque Atlantic Ocean that captures many European tourists and artists, as the panoramic view is more than wonderful for the beaches and landmarks of Tangier, and the Grand Socco square is the main square of the new city, as Tangier locals and politicians They go to the scene in order to play, hiking and sit on the cafes that surround the area.

Asilah town:

This small town, which is located in the northwestern part of the Atlantic Ocean, is 40 km from Tangier, and this village has a long history that extends to the Romen era, then this town became under the control of Portugal and Spain, and one of the most important characteristics of the town of Al-Asilah is its blue buildings Al Bayda, which overlooks the coast with the possibility of walking along the picturesque seashore, this town is very famous for preparing delicious fried seafood dishes along with the possibility of eating on the sea coast.

Tangier Beach:

This tourist beach, which is considered one of the most famous tourist areas that attracts local residents and attracts residents to it around the world, as the beach of Tangier is classified as the fourth best beach in the world, as it is possible to enjoy the beach of Tangier and spend a special holiday in an environment characterized by high quality specifications, and from It is also possible to do a number of activities such as playing soccer, hiking and walking along the beach, while enjoying watching the wonderful sand dunes.

The big market :

It is the heart and soul of Tangier, where visitors find everything from popular restaurants, cafes and traditional clothing stores as well as find craftsmen, and this market is not without movement like the small market that is only two steps away from it, and this market emits great scents that bring everyone who searches What is authentic and real, and surrounded by both markets a number of mosques and restaurants that specialize in providing Moroccan cuisine and many cafes and squares for rest,

Spartel head:

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city of Tangier, it is a famous Cape Spartel Lighthouse, which is intended by many tourists to see the picturesque Atlantic Ocean, and this lighthouse is located in the northwestern part of the continent of Africa, and one of the best times to go there is sunset and that To enjoy seeing the amazing view of the ocean and to take pictures.



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