Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon Iceland is one of the best health resorts in the world, and the most pure in terms of charming waters and the quality of the elements in it. What is the reason for its popularity? What are the different activities that can be done in this place? And its date of origin? And its development throughout history on the site of Arab travelers.

Blue Lake Iceland:

Lake Blue Lagoon, known as the Blue Lagoon, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Iceland, and it is intended by a large number of tourists in order to enjoy a visit to this impressive spa located in the lava field, specifically in the Reykjanes Peninsula in the southwestern part of Iceland.
It is one of the most beautiful areas that you can visit in order to gain more activity and energy, and many tourists in Iceland visit it in order to take the most beautiful pictures in this pure water and treating diseases.

Blue Lagoon website:

  • The Blue Lagoon spa resort is located in the semi-inert volcanic part of the city of Grandvik, which is known for its profession of fishing for many of its inhabitants, within the Reciegans Peninsula in the southwest of the country, and it is within walking distance of Keflavík International Airport, which is easily accessible.
  • If you want to visit the Blue Lagoon Spa from the capital, it will not take 40 minutes to reach it, as it is 39 kilometers from the center of the Icelandic capital.

Is the resort natural?

Desiring from the intensity of the spa area, and the impressive body that you will not suspect of being natural, but surprisingly industrial, and did not arise naturally, but Iceland did its work after the year 1976 AD is a surplus of water that results from the work of power plants in Svartingi, which works to pump Hot water for a mile below sea level, which is the cause of semi-inert volcanic lava activity, and the arrival of water that was operating power plants.

Blue Lagoon for swimming and hospitalization:

  • Today, since 1981, it is one of the most famous health resorts in Iceland, which is visited by locals and tourists for swimming and hospitalization. And after the resort’s fame in the world as a cure for all skin diseases.
  • In the year 1992 AD, the Blue Lagoon was officially opened by the company that is based on the project, by exploiting the electricity produced from the electricity generation water, and therefore to exploit it in the company’s tourism and hospital goals. The water in Blue Lagoon is renewed every two days.

Benefits of Blue Lagoon water:

  • Studies have been carried out on the Blue Lagoon water, which revealed the many health and therapeutic benefits that accrue to the person from swimming in it, as the Blue Lagoon waters contain many different deposits of basic elements for humans and minerals beneficial to the health of the body, which provide it with energy, vitality and energy and compensate for the loss of energy Which is a heavy work, and a lot of physical exertion, as Blue Lagoon water contains sulfur, and silica, enough for the human need.
  • Doctors and dermatologists advise bathing in the Blue Lagoon waters, which are useful in ivory many incurable skin diseases, mainly psoriasis, which requires many years and heavy follow-up to treatment, and the spa is funded to treat skin problems through the blessed water, which was known at the level of The world has its own unique healing properties.
  • As for the water temperature in the resort, it reaches forty degrees Celsius, which makes the swimming experience in this pure spot interesting, and likable to all over the different seasons of the year. The water temperature in Blue Lagoon, Iceland, is kept constant even during the surprisingly surprisingly low winter periods. .

Other activities in Blue Lagoon Iceland:

  • In addition to places to recover in dazzling waters and swimming in Blue Lagoon, Iceland there are other activities such as taking a bath in the sauna or wonderful saunas through the caves that were carved in the middle of the frozen lava.
  • Do not miss the hot water falls and massage sessions by specialists, but if you want to take a break, you can sit in the cafeteria that provides the best international services at the highest level, and there are also shops and artistic places on the roof of the resort so that visitors can enjoy their time to the fullest And they can see this unique spot from above.

Blue Lagoon hotels:

Blue Lagoon in Iceland begins to receive guests from 9:00 in the morning, it also provides the ability to go down to the hotels that are there and that provide many advantages, and the most beautiful of Blue Lagoon hotels are that they are simple in composition and very practical, and provide you with all the services that you need and every hotel He has a special share and his private blolagon gets the water in it from the main Blue Lagoon lake, which will add a lot of privacy and distinction to your stay in Blolagon hotels and increase the benefits that accrue to you, thus ensuring you the best enjoyment of this unique experience.



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