Algeria is considered an Islamic country from the Arab Maghreb, and its capital is the city of Algeria. Algeria is linked with Morocco through the city of Oran, which is located on a port on the Mediterranean Sea. Algeria was ruled by various dynasties when it was under the control of the Ottoman rule, then it became independent a short time after its liberation from the Ottomans. In the year 1830 AD, it fell under the control of the French occuAl Bahahn, and the Algerian people resisted this occuAl Bahahn, but the French managed to eliminate the resistance in 1847 AD and made Algeria part of France and enjoyed its wealth and its goodness, except that the nationalist movements that spread in the mid-twentieth century were led by the Algerians who lived in France It led to the outbreak of the War of Independence in 1954, which ended in the independence of Algeria, and despite this, the influence of French colonialism remained strongly present in the Algerian people, which prompted the country to try to restore its Arab and Islamic values, and advance the standard of living of the citizen until Algeria became.
Arabs make up more than three quarters of the Algerian people, and it is worth noting that one-fifth of the Algerian people consider themselves Amazigh in origin relative to the Berber tribe that lived in the region in the past. But the invasions that struck Algeria led to the Arabization and Islamization of its inhabitants, in addition to the presence of other tribes inhabiting the Uras Mountains and the Bedouins who inhabit the northern edge of the desert. Algerians speak many languages, but the official language is Arabic, as Algeria followed the policy of Arabization after gaining independence and replaced the French language in Arabic, in order to consolidate Arab and Islamic values ​​in its indigenous peoples. In 2016, the Amazigh language was declared an official language after the Amazigh groups objected to taking Arabic only as an official language. The majority of the population of Algeria is Arab and Berbers are Muslims who follow the Maliki school of thought, and they follow the method of deep Sufism in teaching religion.

What is Algeria famous for?

Algeria is famous for many features, including:

Algerian literature

Algeria is famous for modern literature that varied in both Arabic and French, and many Algerian novelists have received a Nobel Prize like the famous novelist Mohamed Dib. Many novels have been translated into Ahlam Mostaghanemi and Asia Jabbar, which focused on women in contemporary life, and the diversity of writers who have become most famous in The world is between Algerians of origin and French of origin and those who lived and wrote in Algeria, as the dialects of writing multiplied between Arabic, French, and Berber, and novelists and writers were influenced by European literature and Arab traditions, and by writers famous for their writings against colonialism, Rashid Maimouni, and Malik bin Nabi, Taher Jawdat, and Franz Fanon.

Algerian art and music

The Algerians were famous for their handicrafts and textiles, as their handicrafts spread in international art galleries and Algerian markets, such as pottery, carpets, and ceramics, and Algeria was also famous for Mzab carpets and Berber jewelry. Arts, crafts and jewelry are a symbol of Algerian culture and a form of income for the population. Leather goods such as shoes or so-called adult items, wallets and leather bags are very popular with tourists and locals. Sculptures and paintings also revealed the talents of many Algerian artists that were found at the National Gallery of Fine Arts, famous artists Renoir and Mohamed Khedda, and local artists Rasim, artist and Yels.
As for the musical arts, Algeria was famous for rai music, which was taken from the Arabic word rai, and the most famous rai singers are Khaled Al-Shabib, and Cheb Mami, in addition to the local popular music favored by the older generation, in which Hajj Al Anka and Dahmane Harashi were famous, and Andalusian music was also occupied. A distinguished place and preserved in Algerian music in the coastal cities, as well as Sharawi music, which had wide popularity in the southern region of Algeria and was famous by Khleifi Ahmed, Absa and Mannaei.

Cinema in Algeria

Algeria produced its first cinematic movie in 1965, the Battle of Algeria, where the film talked about the struggle of the Algerian people to liberate themselves from French colonialism. It also conveyed an image of injustice in a purely documentary style, and the film won many international awards. Among the films that won prizes in international festivals are the film The winds of the Aures by Mohamed Lakhdar, and the movie (Living in Paradise), that is, living in heaven, directed by Boualam Kordjo, and the facts of the year of embers, which talks about the story of the revolution, in addition to 175 complete or joint production that confirms that Algerian cinema It has a bright future.

The most famous Algerian cuisine

Algerian cuisine is considered a diversified mixture of different flavors and cultures, such as Arabic, Berber, French, Romenian, and Turkish. Algerian cuisine is rich in many types of spices. Meat of various sources and dried fruits are also included in Algerian cuisine. Among the most famous Algerian dishes are:

  • Couscous: Couscous is one of the most famous Algerian dishes, although the exact origins of this dish are not known, but it is believed that the first people to prepare it are Berbers, and couscous is made of semolina granules that are dried under the sunlight and cooked by placing it over water vapor in a special container called couscous. Served with a type of meat and various types of vegetables, and the couscous is not only a local dish but has become a requirement in European countries, America, Britain, France, Spain and Brazil.
  • Passport: It is a vegetarian dish famous in the Algerian countryside, and it consists of potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and onions.
  • Algerian grills: It goes back to its roots in Arab cuisine, which is lamb meat seasoned with garlic, pepper and coriander.
  • Baguette bread: This bread is served with all Algerian dishes, and it is originally from French cuisine.
  • Countries: It is a common mixture of Algerian, Libyan, Tunisian, and Moroccan cuisine, and it consists of stuffed vegetables, hence the origin of the word dolma, which means: to be stuffed, and this food is rooted in Turkish cuisine.

The most famous tourist places in Algeria

Algeria has landscapes that are worth a visit, such as:

  • Atacular Plateau: It is an area covered by sand, abundant in mountains, and is located in the Aggar National Park.
  • The city of Oran: It is considered one of the most visited Algerian cities for tourists and is known for its rai music, fine architecture, and the presence of a number of mosques and a theater known as the Kasbah Theater.
  • Annaba region: It is famous for its ports, as well as many medieval temples.
  • Ghardaia city: It is located in the middle of the desert and covered by sand from all sides. It is famous for food, religion and culture, in addition to the distinctive clothing of the population.
  • Constantinople: A city of distinctive political, economic and cultural nature, famous for its breathtaking scenery.
  • Deganite: It is a small coastal city located in the center of Algeria, and is famous for its rock groups with a distinctive character that attracts visitors to it.
  • Batna city: It is a commercial center, located between the desert and the Atlas Mountains, and is considered the agricultural center of the region, as it is full of cultural centers and cinematic complexes.
  • Algeria city: It is the capital of Algeria, and is considered an important tourist attraction for Muslims, as it is famous for the presence of mosques in a rare nature.
  • Setif: It is famous for the Romen ruins, as it contains some French cultures, and it is located on a high level above the sea level.
  • You touch: It has the largest university campus in the world, and it is also famous for its Moroccan buildings.

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