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The city of Taif is considered one of the most important cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and indeed the most beautiful, as it is located east of the holy city of Mecca, it belongs administratively to Mecca, and is called (the bride of Saudi summer resorts).

The status of the city of Taif among Muslims

The city of Taif has a special place among Muslims, as it is the first city to which the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, went after leaving the holy city of Mecca.

Taif Terrain

Taif is famous for the diversity of its terrain, where the Saudi citizen intends to flee from the pressures surrounding it, as it contains valleys and many mountains and also the plains, and what it enjoys from a distinct climate where it is characterized by moderation, as its weather is varied, especially in the famous resorts in it (Al-Hada, Al-Shifa), where it abounds It contains trees, and its atmosphere is fragrant with the scent of roses and its amazing fragrance.

Historic importance of Taif

The city of the community is an ancient city, and it contains a lot of civilizational edifices, which indicate its position, and it is the best witness to its history from the days of the Messenger until today.

Taif is famous for its antiquities dating back to ancient periods of time, where we find the famous wall of Taif, as well as many palaces that come the most important of the Shubra Palace, and also contain the famous castle of Najma, and what is more famous is the large number of mosques that are distinguished by their old style, and also their modern mosques built in the style of Amazing amazing.

What is the city of Taif famous for?

Taif is famous for the many dams spread in it, where water is seized in large quantities, so that the lands and crops in which this region is famous can be irrigated, as it enjoys abundant agricultural lands, and among the most important and most famous of these dams in this city: (Al Salami Dam, Al Arda Dam, Al Thalbah Dam, Darwish Dam …) and many other small sub-dams that agriculture depends on establishing.

The reason for the reputation of the city of Taif

The fame of the city of Taif is due to a famous market in which it is called (Okaz Market), where I wrote a lot of news about it in ancient history books, the days of the Arabs in ancient pre-Islamic times and to this day, given that it is a popular cultural market, a meeting place for many merchants with the aim of selling the goods in their possession , And a meeting place for poets to present their work and their writings, where seminars and competitions were held, and poets would cross their hairs among themselves, to announce the name of the poets among them.
What makes Taif more famous today is that it is the first city in which a water purification and desalination plant is established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and perhaps in the entire Gulf region, and also in Taif was the landing of the first plane on the land of Saudi Arabia, which is a Saudi plane.

Okaz Market

Also, Okaz market is famous in this city for its horse races and horse shows.

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