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Where is Erfoud located?

The visitor to the Moroccan city of Erfoud is the first thing that amazes her in the splendor of its natural scenery and the calmness that it enjoys, as it is built on a fortress, so its fans called it (the jewel of the southeast), where its visitors were surprised by the beauty of its green oases.

What is the city of Erfoud famous for?

The city of Erfoud is famous for its rich and multiple tourism, as we find in cultural tourism, desert tourism, and medical tourism, as tourism is the most important and even the most prominent income of this economic city, and the sand dunes that distinguish and famous for the city of Erfoud are attractive tourist value for visitors, because of its A charming vision that delights the visitor from her splendor, as it is also a treatment for many diseases, especially rheumatism.

Erfoud is rich in dazzling hotels, which were constructed in an architectural and engineering manner in terms of creativity that delights the heart, harmony and excellence, as the most important tributaries of tourism in Morocco, as well as the availability of job opportunities in them, especially as it is a city that contains many tourism projects that need many working hands, especially Graduates and technologists.
Statistics have shown that most tourists who come to this region are the ones who have the greatest wealth, as it is considered a model tourist city, as it is famous for establishing tourist tours on horseback, as a kind of high-level entertainment activity and is very expensive.

Erfoud is also famous for its ancient heritage neighborhoods, so we find its way (Al-Jadeed neighborhood, Al-Salam neighborhood, Total neighborhood, Al-Hamri neighborhood, Ziz neighborhood, Al-Nahdha neighborhood …) It is considered one of the neighborhoods that indicates the originality, where we find palaces that contain many inscriptions dating back to before History, known as the (peacock).

Planting dates in Erfoud

The city of Erfoud has embraced several festivals of dates, as it is famous for its cultivation in large areas, especially for the presence of an oasis that is one of the most important and greatest and most beautiful oases in the world, due to its quality of dates in all its types, where the climate in which this region is suitable for palms, so that it is known that the pass Erfoud is the most species able to survive and continue for longer periods in relation to other places in the world. This city is also known as the “Capital of Dates”, where the festival that takes place in it was known as (the seventh of September), which is held every year.

Erfoud and the cinema

The city of Erfoud has made progress in the field of cinematography in Morocco, as it was filmed in it by international films calculated for the benefit of this city, and the most important of these films are (Prince of Persia), and also (the soldier), and (Mummy 1, 2, 3).

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