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The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the European countries located northwest of the continent of Europe and parts of the Caribbean, which is also known as the Kingdom of the lowlands. In the Netherlands it is a parliamentary democracy, and the official capital of the country is the city of Amsterdam, and the Royal Palace and the seat of the king and government are located in The Hague.

As for the Dutch economy, it is a vital economy due to the increase in agricultural and animal production, in particular the production of meat, poultry, and cheese, in addition to the fact that the population in the Netherlands exceeds the population in other European countries, as the population reached approximately sixteen million, which indicates that it A very crowded country.

What is the state of the Netherlands famous for?


The country of the Netherlands is famous for cultivating various flowers, as there are all kinds of flowers in the Netherlands, and colorful tulips and lilies are among the most famous types of flowers in the Netherlands, so tourists enjoy the wonderful view of flowers in the spring in addition to their fragrant smell, and the reason for the diversity of flowers in the Netherlands is because they are rich in water And green lands, in addition to the Dutchman Clausius, who was fond of flowers, especially tulips, cultivated these flowers in the Netherlands, where he brought all kinds of flowers from different countries around the world and planted them, and as a result of this diversity, the Netherlands is one of the most countries that export pride The world, as is the cultivation of roses of the most common types of trade that will strengthen the Dutch economy.

The mills

The country of the Netherlands is famous for being a country of mills, because there are many water channels in it.

Dutch dairy cow

The fertility of the Dutch lands has a positive impact on the development of livestock. The Netherlands is characterized by dairy cows, as well as the manufacture of all products and derivatives of cow’s milk.

Madurodam city

Very famous for being a city in the form of the Netherlands, but it is miniature in shape, as it contains everything that the Netherlands is famous for, and this is one of the famous Dutch artifacts.

Agricultural crops

The Netherlands is characterized by being an agricultural country, as the economy depends more on agriculture than on industry, as the agricultural crops in the Netherlands are varied, which are the most famous vineyards.


Due to the fact that the Netherlands is a coastal country and because it overlooks the sea, it is characterized by fishing which is considered an important resource in the Dutch economy, in addition to trade in canning of fish and various seafood.

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