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Thailand is a beautiful Asian country that many people prefer to visit, due to the beauty of its bustling streets in all the wonderful colors of life, as it contains skyscrapers, places where wooden huts are spread, and there are theaters, and opera houses that display the finest classical arts, legends, and films Imagination, and the population of Thailand, which exceeds 66 million people, is distinguished by generous morals such as respect, tolerance, and generosity, and in this article we will learn about what Thailand is famous for.

Tourist facilities for which Thailand is famous

Hotels in Thailand

It is famous in Thailand, the old eastern hotel, as it is one of the most famous and best hotels in the world, which is more than a hundred years old.

Restaurants in Thailand

There are widespread restaurants in Thailand, such as: the American restaurant, Thai restaurant, italyn, Indian, and Pakistani, in addition to Chinese, Arabic, Iraqi, Egyptian, Levantine, and Iranian restaurants.

Landmarks located in Thailand

Among the most important landmarks in Thailand are the Royal River House, the old royal palace, which is characterized by its lush decoration, and palm trees surrounded by it, as there are a number of small temples and markets in Thailand, and it is possible to move between these monuments through river tours using the express way Chavraya or rent A long-tailed boat, as the visitor travels across the river.

Information about Thailand

  • The girl in Thailand is considered the standard of beauty and grooming, as she does not prefer to use cosmetics, but rather to use natural materials that contain natural oils made from fruits and plants.
  • Thailand is famous for its classical dance of spirit.
  • Thais are known for their ability to decorate everything such as clothes, everyday items, house walls, streets, temples, food, plants and trees.
  • Necklaces made of handcraft, precious metals, teak wood, engraved and colorful parasols are well known in Thailand.
  • Spread hot food in Thailand, which is very similar to Chinese food, and is prepared using spices, hot hot, and also spread in natural juices prepared from fruits and vegetables, especially lemon juice, which is served in a specific form along with many foods and sweets.
  • Thai sweets are made from coconut and eggs, in addition to tropical fruits, including: apples, mangoes, grapes and pineapples.
  • In Thailand, the Arab presence is concentrated on Nana Street, which is widespread in shops and restaurants, and there are oud, Cambodian, Burmese or Singaporean oud, in addition to Indian silk shops, shisha, shoes, accents, and shop signs and restaurants written on it Arabic calligraphy.

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