What is the capital of Bahrain

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Bahrain is one of the Arab countries located in the Asian continent, and one of the Arab Gulf states, and it is located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, and it is limited between latitude 25,30 and 26,20 towards the north, and between longitude 50,18 and 50,55 to the east It is an archipelago consisting of 33 islands located in the east of Saudi Arabia, and its total area is 765.5 square kilometers, and its population is more than a million and a half million people.


Manama is the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it is the largest Bahraini city in terms of area by 27.48 square kilometers, and its population reaches more than 400 thousand people, to be the highest cities in this world in terms of population density, and this capital is located in the Sahel region to the northern side For Bahrain, it is bordered by the city of Bahrain on the western side, Ali on the eastern side, and Sitrah on the southern side, and it is limited between latitude 26.2361 and longitude 50.5831, and this city is considered an economic and financial center for the Kingdom.

Transportation in Manama

Manama is considered a major hub for the country’s road network, and is witnessing day after day a major development in improving traffic conditions, despite the dense population increase in the region, and many circular roads have been established, such as Issa Al Kabeer Street, Al Maarid, Al Fateh, in order to reduce traffic, and has been done Connecting the capital to the city of Muharraq by building the new bridge in 1941 that replaced the old wooden bridge, as each city is located on a different island by organically close to each other, and many roads were built in the southern region to connect the orchards, lakes, marshes, and villages Mahos, servants and na It sees it, and on the western side a major highway has been built linking Manama to the port of an isolated village from Budaiya, and the Bahrain port can accommodate sixteen ocean-going ships, and provides bus service and is subject to supervision by the Ministry of Transport and bus lines, and contains Bahrain Airport located on an island Muharraq is one of the four main islands of Manama.

The ancient history of Manama

There is evidence of human settlement on the northern coast of Bahrain dating back to the Bronze Age, and the Dilmun civilization is one of the inhabitants of the region in the year 3000 BC, and it serves as a major regional commercial center between Mesopotamia, and nearly 100,000 dalmuns were found Buried throughout the northern and central regions of the country, there is evidence of the presence of residents in the ancient Great Countryside by one of the leaders of Alexander the Great on the ship, during trips in the Persian Gulf.


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