The city of Prague

Prague is the capital of Czechoslovakia, the largest city in it, and it is an ancient city located on the banks of the Vltava River, and is characterized by its Gothic architecture, and its ancient buildings of palaces, domes, and bridges that blend with architecture, Modern engineering, from railways, commercial and industrial centers, and modern-style public buildings.

The size of Prague city and its population

Prague covers an area of ​​496 km2, has a population of approximately 1,225,000, and they are homogeneous; the majority of them are Czechs, and a few Slovak society. Note that the city was affected by the results of the Second World War, as there are more women in it than men, in addition to the fact that the natural rate of population increase is very few. It is worth noting that the majority of the Czechs are Romen Catholics, a minority of Protestants, and the official language in them is the Czech language, with many knowing the Russian language.

History of the city of Prague

Although the city of Prague was inhabited between 5000 and 2700 BC, specifically in the Neolithic period, the oldest building in it dates back to 870 AD, which is Prague Castle, which is the first permanent settlement in it. One legend states that the founding of the city of Prague was during the reign of Princess Lebush and her husband, and between 800 and 1306 AD Prague was the nucleus of the Bohemian state, and with the end of the Bohemian rule, the throne of the Bohemian kingdom became in the hands of John Luxembourg, and his son Charles IV who paid great attention to Prague, He founded the University of Charles, the first in central Europe.

The most important tourist attractions in Prague

Prague has a distinguished and varied set of historical and modern monuments, which attract the world’s attention, and from these landmarks:

  • St. Vitus Cathedral.
  • Charles Bridge (English: Charles Bridge)
  • Prague Castle.
  • Strahov Library.

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