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Quito is the capital of Ecuador

Quito is the capital of Ecuador and the province of Pichincha prov, and is the second largest city after Guayaquil in Ecuador. In general, it has a pleasant and comfortable climate, but it is prone to earthquakes as it has been affected many times because of this. Quito is also the oldest capital In South America, it is famous for its well-preserved ancient towns, and it was declared as the capital of Ecuador on March 5, 1541 AD.

Location and population

Quito is located on the lower slopes of the volcano Pichincha, which erupted in 1666 AD in the Andes valley, at an altitude of 2850 meters just south of the equator, and astronomically it is located at latitude -0.23 and longitude -78.52, as well as Its population is about 1399,814 people.

Information about the capital, Quito

  • Quito became the capital of the Inca kingdom several decades before the arrival of Sebastian de Benalcázar to be in the hands of the Spanish, on December 6, 1534 AD, and it was declared as a municipal government, and the celebration of this statement lasted for seven consecutive days, and Quito remained the focal point in national affairs Political, social, and economic until the early twentieth century, because at that time economic domination turned to the city of Guayaquil.
  • It turned back and forth between the Spanish rulers in Peru and New Granada, and the region witnessed a failed uprising against Spain in 1809 AD, and it was liberated by Antonio José de Sucre.
  • Quito is an important cultural center throughout South America, as it is one of the first cities to be classified as a site of world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1978, it includes prominent historical centers in South America such as the historical center located south of the city, in addition to the Otavalo Market (in English) : Otavalo Marketplace), Cotopaxi National Park, Quito City Museum, Quito Cathedral, and others.
  • In 2008, Quito became the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations, which is also the seat of the Ecuadorian government, and contains most of the government buildings and offices.
  • The mayor of Quito is elected every 5 years, who leads a team of 15 members of the city council.

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