What is the capital of Sicily

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The capital of Sicily

Palermo is the capital of Sicily located in Italy, Palermo is located on the northwestern coast of Sicily at the head of the Bay of Palermo, and the inner city of Palermo sits amid the fertile Plaza of Conca d’Oro planted with citrus orchards, and the capital of Palermo is the government center of Sicily and its main port, and its most important exports: chemicals and acidic fruits Fresh fish and grains. Among the main industries in Palermo: the manufacture of chemicals, cement, machinery, glass, processed food, and ship repair. The presence of the Phoenician merchants supported the emergence of Palermo in the eighth century BC.

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Palermo is located on longitude 13.34 and latitude 38.13, and has a height of 46 meters from the sea level, and inhabits 648.260 people in Palermo, and this makes it the largest city in Sicily.

Tourism in Palermo

The capital, Palermo, is an ancient Italian city, and it has a diverse cultural heritage influenced by the different cultures that have invaded the city and participated in shaping its history such as the Spanish, Norman, French and Arabic culture, and this made it full of attractive tourist areas and historical monuments, and the most important tourist areas in Palermo are the following:

  • Palermo Cathedral, this cathedral was at first a Greek or Roman temple, and after a period of time it turned into a Christian church and mosque, and many of the architecture patterns found in this building can be discovered.
  • Old city, the old town is filled with old architecture such as: churches, museums, galleries, castles, fountains and statues.
  • The Galleria Regionali, located in the center of Palermo, shows important historical monuments.
  • The Galleria de Arte Moderna, which is a very famous exhibition for lovers of modern art.
  • Teatro Massimo, which is the largest opera house in Italy, Teatro Massimo is located in the city center. It was opened in 1897 AD, which is a beautiful building designed in the Greek and Roman style and has large columns and bronze statues at the entrance.


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