Where is the city of Haqel located?

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Field city

It is one of the governorates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is considered a natural museum located in the air, which makes it a destination for all lovers of the integrated nature, where land mixes with the sea, and the beauty increases due to the presence of coral reefs, in addition to the palm trees that shade.

Haql City Site

The city of Haql is located on the northwestern side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically on the coast of the northeastern Gulf of Aqaba, which is considered to belong to the Tabuk region, where it is two hundred square kilometers from Tabuk, and we find thirty kilometers to the southern side of the city of Aqaba in the Kingdom of Jordan Hashemite. The population of this province reaches twenty seven thousand people, and the number increases with the passage of days.

Climate in Haql City

The climate of the city of Haql is considered a moderate climate, whether it is in the summer or winter, and its climate is characterized by lack of humidity in the summer, despite the fact that this city is located on the Red Sea, and this city blows in the summer with cool, cool breezes, which increases its beauty and charm.

Province of Qiblah Tourism

The city of Haql is considered one of the most important governorates active in the tourism field in the Tabuk region, and its most important tourist center, as the Dura port is the station for travelers heading to the last port of Aqaba in the Kingdom. This travel trip.

There are many tourist sites in the city of Haql, where a large number of chalets were recently built in addition to tourist resorts in its beaches, and it is considered the most beautiful place for those who prefer to sit on the beach and enjoy the atmosphere of the Red Sea, especially in the evening period, where the Jordanian city of Aqaba looms full of lights, The Palestinian city of Umm Al-Rashrash, now known as Eilat, is very beautiful, and the Egyptian city of Taba can also be seen.

The heads and the mushrooms in addition to the bays and other sand lakes and dunes in this city form its coastline located on the Red Sea, all of which were formed by the work of the tides in the beach, and the movement of the sea and its high wave worked to form this artistic painting that distinguishes this city. The government in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is trying to make the Corniche of this city a huge open world museum, in which many artistic models are placed, all of which were occupied by the hands of major international artists, to make them the destination of the great tourism overlooking the Red Sea.


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