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Thailand is located in the southeast of the continent of Asia, specifically on the Indo-Chinese island, and the Kingdom of Thailand is divided into 75 provinces, and each province is divided into several municipalities and neighborhoods, and the total population of Thailand is approximately 66 million people, and thus gets ranked twenty in the world In terms of population, ancient Thailand was called (Siam) and this name was the official until May 11, 1949 AD, while the system of government in Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, and Thailand is ruled by King Rama IX, who is a Chakri dynasty, and he is one of those who ruled the longest period of the year And the longest rule in the history of Thailand.

Thailand has an area of ​​513,120 square kilometers, and thus it ranks 21 globally in terms of area. There are 75% of the population are ethnic Thais, 14% Chinese Thais, and 3% Malay, and there are some minorities that belong to the Moon and various hill tribes, and Thai It is the official language in the Kingdom, and their official religion is Buddhism, which is espoused and practiced by more than 95% of its population. Economic growth began in Thailand between 1985-1996AD and was rapid growth and it is considered one of the new industrialized countries at the present time, the Thai economy is considered one of the modern economies as it relies heavily on exports that represent two thirds of the gross domestic product, and Thailand witnessed a growth in the GDP by 8 % In 2010, and this made it one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Tourism contributes greatly and mainly to the economy of Thailand, as the country attracts a large number of expatriates and there are approximately 2.2 million legal and illegal immigrants from all countries of the world, and the capital of Thailand is Bangkok and is the main center of the country and politics, trade, industry and culture are more active than other cities, It is also the largest city in Thailand.


(Bangkok) which is the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, which is a province and a city, and the capital is considered a port of Thailand and has a name that reaches more than thirty words and has been registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest name for a place in the world, except that it is known globally and locally as the name of Bangkok, and in Bangkok there is a historical village bearing the name Krung, sometimes this name is given to the country, and Bangkok is distinguished by its hot and humid climate and has a high rate of rain, and it contains a major airport named Suvarnabhumi International.

Bangkok, the capital, is characterized by a strategic geographical location in Southeast Asia, where Bangkok was a buffer zone between the French and British colonial empires, and was considered an independent, dynamic and stable city, and Bangkok is now considered one of the leading cities that flourished rapidly, and international companies took their headquarters in the capital Bangkok; Because it is considered a regional power in various fields, including finance, business, global politics, culture, entertainment and fashion. In 2009, Bangkok was the second city in the world in terms of cost, where in the first place was Singapore, and attracts Bangkok Li throughout the year more than 10 million visitors from all over the world and is also the second largest number of visitors after London.

History of Bangkok

Bangkok was in the past a small village located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, and it was called Krungtip, and after the parliamentarians destroyed the capital, Ayutthaya, which is located north of Krungtip in 1767 AD, General Thaksin had to withdraw to the village of Krungtip and built a capital Thonburi Kingdom, and the general took the village of Krung Tip as the capital of the country in 1782 AD for defensive reasons and began building fortresses and buildings, and built the royal palace and the temple of Poe, and erected a wall around the city with a length of 7.2 kilometers containing 63 gates and 15 fortresses, and the successors of General Thaksin increased Urbanism, construction, expansion, and Walt Sen, many city became housing, roads and streets, were the establishment of Buddhist temples in abundance, including what remained to the day and bringing the number of Buddhist temples to more than 400 temple, and reached the railway in 1900, was the opening of the first university in 1917, a Chulalongkorn University.

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Bangkok has a privileged location as it is close to the Chao Phraya River that flows into the Gulf of Thailand, which rounds the city. Bangkok is the main port and is an important center for Thailand. The jewelry and jewelery industry is active in that city. The capital Bangkok is one of the fastest growing cities that has grown rapidly and has become The economy is active in it, so there is a widespread belief among Thais that their capital, Bangkok, can compete with and even surpass Hong Kong and Singapore, but the capital, Bangkok, still has some problems related to the country’s infrastructure, and social problems due to a huge growth in the population, which is not The ease Praise it, Bangkok is famous for having restaurants that offer the tastiest seafood, and it is distinguished by offering meals that contain all the marine creatures that a person can eat, so Bangkok is considered one of the best cities in which tourism is active, and the growth rate that tourism adds to Bangkok’s economy is 6% .

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Thailand, which is intended by many visitors, where there is the island of Pattaya that has stunning landscapes, and tourists go to them by renting a small boat, and there is also a favorite place for tourists and visitors, a place with a glass bottom that allows enjoying the views of fish and coral reefs in Al Ain Abstract, Pattaya Island is known for its simple shops that sell shells of various shapes, colors, fish, and simple and beautiful souvenirs. There is also Phuket Island, which is considered by many of the most wonderful sights in the world.

As for the climate of the capital, Bangkok, its weather is hot and humid, and it is 40 kilometers from the sea, and its soil is characterized by high fertility and abundant water, and the annual rain falls on the capital Bangkok, bringing its stomach to more than 1500 mm, and the rain falls in most days except for the dry season that is between Canon First and February, the capital temperature ranges between 25-30 degrees Celsius.

Landmarks of Bangkok

Throughout Bangkok’s long history, many buildings, including temples, have been constructed, but most of the buildings that remain now are those that were built in the late eighteenth century, and the oldest building is Wat Pho, which is famous for the large statue of Buddha and where it is reclining. The Great is a complex of buildings and was the headquarters of the kings of Thailand, and a statue of Buddha made of emerald, and there is also a golden temple that was built on an artificial hill about 75 meters high, and there is also a golden statue that contains part of the ashes of Buddha, and there is also a statue of Buddha is The largest in the world is made of gold and weighs 50 tons, and there is also the Erawan Shrine, which for Thais has a great history and holds interesting stories. There is the former royal palace in the museum for the capital, and there is the Erawan Museum, which is visited by thousands. There are many festivals in Thailand, the most important of water feast which is on April 13 to April 15 Each year, celebrations of the year, which are celebrated and the establishment of many distinctive events in the capital, Bangkok, such as fireworks and others.

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