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The State of Oman

Oman, which is located between Yemen, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Indian Ocean, and its capital, Muscat, which was founded about 900 years ago and contains many rugged desert landscapes overlooking the sea, its climate is dominated by intense heat, but it has many features, we remind you some of what is famous Its hometown:

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

It is the largest mosque in the Sultanate of Oman located specifically in the state of Bawshar, opened in 2001, used in its construction creamy white sandstone sloping to yellow, its main chapel can accommodate more than six thousand and five hundred worshipers, the mosque also includes a library full of B, which amounts to about 20,000 volumes In various Islamic and human sciences and cultures, Islamic engineering motifs fill the walls and arches of the mosque, it also contains a large luxurious carpet and 35 rich crystal and gold-plated minerals, as well as a, it contains 12 halls of different arts, especially Islamic and heritage.

Dark market

It is also called the Mutrah Market, one of the most well-known and well-known markets in the capital, Muscat, located behind the Corniche on the sea, built in 1925, the market is characterized by a heritage nature and is available in clothes, utensils and many others, it is characterized by the aromatic scents emitted from it, which are the scents of incense, spices and others.

The Royal Opera House

The most prominent place for presenting musical arts in Oman, where musical performances are held by world celebrities, then the opera house was established in 2011 in order to revive many arts. The method of building this place is characterized by a mixture of Islamic architecture and

Talia, also surrounded by many parks, the traditional market, and a luxury shop, among others.

Zubair House Museum

Opened in 1998, it contains beautiful wooden doors, and displays some Omani artifacts. This museum includes four buildings, namely Al-Bagh House, Al-Daladil House and House of Oud, and also contains a beautiful garden.

Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum

Opened in 1988, this military museum is located in Al-Falaj Castle, which was built in 1845, to highlight Oman’s military history through its various stages. This museum includes halls and a yard for heavy machinery such as vehicles, tanks, aircraft and ships, and it also displays many pictures, weapons and more.

The House of Bernada Museum

Also known as the House of Nassib, according to the person who built it, that in the late nineteenth century, the museum displays the history of Muscat from the beginning to the present time.

Al Jalali Fort

It is located at the entrance to the Gulf of Oman, overlooking it on the northeastern side, built in 1587 by the Portuguese, and is now a museum.

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