Oran is the largest Algerian city after the capital, and one of the most important cities in the Arab Maghreb. It is called Bahia. The city of Oran (and pronounced it in the local dialect of Algeria: Wahran) is located in the northwest of Algeria, and it is about 432 km away from the Algerian capital, overlooking the Gulf of Oran in West from the Mediterranean, it is a seaport and an important economic center, and for many decades it remained, bordering the city of Oran from the northern side, an open bay, and from the western side Mount Marjajou and the Moulay Al-Kilani Plateau, the city is located on the banks of the creek – Wadi Al-Raha in the past and Wadi Ras Al-Ain currently – The population of the city is approximately (852). Wrap people, according to the year 2009 census.

Its historical importance

The city witnessed the interest of many civilizations that passed on since ancient times, where the Berbers, Arabs, French, Spanish and Turks ruled it, and each of them put their mark to adorn the city with cultural and heritage mosaics, as the city witnessed important developments after Algeria’s independence from France that made it the second largest city in terms of science and economic , As the economic activities diversify, and it has become a commercial pole due to its active port, which is a major outlet for foreign trade in western Algeria.

Culture and ehran art

The Wahrani culture has made an Arab and international reputation for the city, as the city is famous for the poets of “Malhoun”, which helped the emergence of the famous Wahrana song, such as Rai, and the Wahrani theater has an important role in spreading the reputation of the city, through the plays of Abdul Qadir Allula and others, and all this diversity in culture And art has made the city a place of attraction for visitors; as anyone who visits Algeria must visit the city of Oran, which has led to tourism investment, by building tourist hotels and resorts on the city’s beach.


There is a common interpretation among the general public that the word “Oran” means the lion, but according to the dictionary of the ocean and the tongue of the Arabs and others that the word singular “wahr” does not mean the lion and does not have a link to it, in addition to the fact that most historians cite this interpretation in their books, and it is likely to be the origin The name is Burberry, which refers to “Wadi Haran”, which means: Atlas Lions.

It is said that Oran was formerly known as “Evry” and means cave in the Amazigh language, and this designation is related to the caves of the multiple area that is found in the hills surrounding the city of Oran.

City climate

Oran has a traditional Mediterranean climate, which is dry in summer and mild in winter, and fluctuation in rain between heavy and medium, and the city is witnessing high air pressure during four months of the year.

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