The city of Baalbek

Throughout the ages, the city of Baalbek was famous for its distinguished strategic location, as it was the center of the most important civilizations and empires that continued for many years, as the Romen Empire built the largest and rarest temples, but because of the violent earthquake of this region, most of it was destroyed, and only parts of the temple remain Simple, but still bears witness to its greatness and magnificence to this day.

The structures of the structures of Baalbek

The structures of Baalbek are located in the Lebanese city of Baalbek, where this city belongs to the Bekaa Valley, which is located on the northern side of it, and is located on the eastern side in relation to the Litani River, and on the western side is the western Lebanon mountain range, but from the eastern side of Baalbek, the eastern Lebanon mountain range is located. That separates the site of the structures of Baalbek from the country’s capital, the city of Beirut, is estimated at eighty-three kilometers, as it is located in the northeastern side of it, and this area rises above sea level by a thousand and one hundred and sixty-three meters.

Temples of Baalbek

The temples of Baalbek are known as the temples that were built by the Romens on the site of the city of Baalbek, and they are three religious temples specific to their gods, which together formed what is known as the castle, and these temples are:

  • Jupiter Temple: Or as it is also known as the Great Temple, and what remains of it to this day are very high pillars of up to twelve meters, including its base and also the crowns of traveling at the top, and the number is six columns, and these columns are part of the corridor of the external temple, and it was Formerly this complex, famous for its magnitude, is divided into four sections, which are the entrance to the amphitheater, the hall with a hexagon, the large size foyer, and then the structure.
  • The Temple of Bacchus: or as it is also known as the small structure, it is located adjacent to the Temple of Jupiter, and its history dates back to the second century AD, and it is considered one of the Romen structures that still maintain its existence, in addition to the decoration and inscriptions on it are considered the most brilliant among the Romen motifs, and it was built This structure is on a bench of five meters high, and is climbed up to it by a huge thirty-three degree staircase.
  • Venus Temple: Or as it is also known as the round structure, or the structure of the flower, and is located in the southeastern side of the castle, and it is considered one of the unique designs in Romen architecture where it was built as a small structure that has a round shape, and was built in the third century AD, and the people of the city of Baalbek called it the Church of Saint Barbara And after finding a trace of a cross bearing inside this temple in addition to writing in the Greek language, it is worth noting that the Lebanese state sponsors annual artistic celebrations and festivals in this castle, known as the Baalbek Festival, where local, Arab and international shows are presented, whether as N individual work or exhibition teams.

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