Where do I go in Langkawi

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Cable car

The cable car in Langkawi is one of the most popular places in it. A large number of expats visit it and wait for its long rides. The cable car stops over the mountain in the middle point and then continues on its way, and passengers can enjoy the scenic views of the island. In Oriental Village.

Snorkeling on Bayar Island

Day diving trips are one of the means to get closer and get to know marine life, and the island can be sailed using a raft, and this area was a marine park from 1985 AD, and there are coral reefs formed from the remains of the wreckage found on the sea floor, and people who prefer not to dive can Watching divers or enjoying seeing the sea floor through the underwater observation room, this island is frequently visited on the weekend, and it takes about 45 minutes to reach it.

Eagle Square

Eagle Square is located in the Kuah region, a 5-minute walk from the prominent landmarks in Langkawi, which is a square with a huge statue of an eagle; its length is 12 meters, and it is one of the prominent landmarks of Langkawi. There are also many restaurants and popular shops in the square. Beautiful little fountains, and the proximity of this square to the sea makes it a popular and attractive place for tourists, and people prefer to visit it in the evening times to see ferries across the harbor.

Tlaga Togo Falls

Telaga Tujuh is one of the most famous places in Langkawi and must visit the city to go to enjoy the beauty of the place, and there are many legends about the waterfall area, and a tour can be taken on foot in the region.


There are many places for skydiving in Langkawi, where there are 99 small islands across the sea, and Langkawi is an ideal place to do this adventure even if the person had previously done it elsewhere; however, it is necessary to try skydiving in the beautiful Langkawi Islands.


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