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Carl Bridge

Charles Bridge is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Prague, where the history of this bridge dates back to the fourteenth century, and it consists of three towers and thirty statues in the Baroque style, and these statues often depict many saints, and the length of the pedestrian bridge It is approximately 621 meters long, and is often considered a gathering of artists and craftsmen who sell their crafts.


Powder Tower dates back to the fifteenth century, and it is one of the most famous gates of the original city, and the reason for this name being named by this name is because of its use to store gunpowder. This tower also includes an exhibition of pictures of historical towers in Prague, and this tower can be visited And access to the platform located at the top of it, which can be reached after climbing 186 degrees.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is one of the most famous main attractions in Prague, and it is a huge complex of buildings, including St. Vitus Cathedral, which is one of the most famous buildings in the complex of this castle, and this castle is one of the largest ancient castles in The world contains a huge photo gallery, many parks, and museums.

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is one of the most prominent landmarks of the new city in Prague, a modern area that has emerged as a result of the expansion with the prosperity of the city, and this square is home to many museums and other national treasures, including the National Museum, and this square was established in The fourteenth century during the reign of Charles IV as a market for horses, which is still used in demonstrations and celebrations alike.

the National Museum

The National Museum is one of the most famous landmarks in the city of Prague, which has been renovated over seven years, and is located in a number of diverse sites and collections, and contains millions of items that include several travelers vehicles including: zoology, metallurgy, anthropology, archeology, in addition to To the arts and music.

Clementineum building

The Clementinum building is considered one of the largest collections of historical buildings in Europe, and is home to the National Library of the Czech Republic. This Baroque building was part of Welling Jesuit University, as well as home to a large collection of Jesuit books, and this building has become a library Generally in 1782 AD shortly after its transformation into a national library, this library includes more than six million books, and the most prominent features of the baroque library hall are distinguished: the beautiful roof, the 68-meter-high astronomical tower, and the Mirror Chapel building (in English: Mirror Chapel) .

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