Swiss National Museum

The Swiss National Museum consists of many distinctive sites including the Brangense Museum, the Swiss History Museum in Schwyz, the collection center in the town of Avolletron am Albis, the Ceramic Museum in Zunfthaus zur Meisen, and the main museum It is the Swiss National Museum, which was built in 1898 AD according to the design of the architect Gustave Ghul, and this building contains many towers, squares, and gardens, and is located on an island between the rivers of Sehel and Lima.

The Kunsthaus Zurich Museum

The Kunsthaus Zürich ranks as one of the best art museums in Europe, and is managed by the Zurich Art Society, and its founding date back to the year 1787 AD, and this museum includes a large collection of works belonging to a number of artists, including Charles Munich paintings, Jean Coreau, Gustave Courbet and many others.

Gross Monsiter Church

Grossmünster is located on an open balcony over the river, and was built between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries. It is a Romen-style church that contains an altar over a crypt dating back to 1100 AD. This church can be visited and identified at the doors Modern bronze that was added between 1935-1936 AD, the remains of Gothic wall paintings, and the Romen monastery that was built in 1200 AD.

The opera house in Zurich

The Zurich Opera House dates back to 1891. The modern design of the building is characterized by many busts of musicians, poets, and famous theatrical writers, including Shakespeare, Mozart, and Wagner, and the Opera House is home to ballet in the city , And often includes a wide range of offers that are reasonably priced.

Otlberg Mountain

Uetilberg is one of the most beautiful local mountain peaks in Zurich, so this place is visited to enjoy the beautiful views of the city, and it also provides an opportunity to see Lake Zurich and the Alps, and the summit of this mountain can be reached all year round, especially in the spring when Mountain flowers bloom.

Retro Park

The Zurich Rieterpark is considered to be the largest public park in Zurich. This park occupies a wide area, from which you can see the Glarus area, and visit the Museum Rietberg, which is located near the center of the park in a palace dating back to The nineteenth century, it is said to contain a unique collection of art from all parts of the world.

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