Where do I live in Istanbul

المسافرون العرب

Places to live in Istanbul

Istanbul is located on the continents of Asia and Europe at the same time, so the first decision of the person before moving to it is to choose which side would like to live in, and the difference between them is that the European side is characterized by the concentration of banks, companies, warehouses and commercial activities in it, either the Asian side or as it is also called Anatolian, it is It is characterized by more relaxation and the concentration of activity on the sea side, which is a more traditional life and suitable for housing and has fewer hotels and attractions.
The local population considers that the Nisantasi region, which is located on the northern European side, is the most suitable between the two continents.
Istanbul’s neighborhoods get quieter as you get away from the Bosphorus and approach the Black Sea, and expats say they enjoy the wonderful views of the strait in the areas of Bebek, Emirjan and Tarabya.

Tourist places in Istanbul

There are many attractions in Istanbul. In every corner and corner of the city, there are some architectural marvels or memorials such as the Blue Mosque, Anna Sofia, Dolmabahce Palace and the Grand Bazaar in addition to Galata Towers, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art and the Hippodrome.

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General information about Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and it is one of the cities with a rich and rich history, and its strategic location has made it an economic center of the country and a tourist site that millions of tourists flock to every year to enjoy its rich effects and culture, and in 2010 it was called the European Capital of Culture, which led to an increase in the flow of tourists to it .
The best time to visit Istanbul is the spring, which runs from April to mid-June. This time from mid-September to October is also considered a suitable time to visit so that the weather becomes mild but the day is shorter.
Istanbul attracts large numbers of immigrants from the countryside because it is one of the big cities in Turkey, and there are also minorities that consist of Christians and Jews, in addition to the Kurds who form the largest ethnic minority in it.

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