Where is Adren’s Castle?

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Adrian Castle

Adrian Castle is a railway station for transporting weapons, ammunition and Turkish soldiers to and from the field of war and fighting in large areas of the Arabian Peninsula, where it is considered one of the gathering points for prisoners in the Arabian Peninsula in order to transfer them to the country of the Turks, and it is said that very few people have returned from this eternal journey, Therefore, when we hear the saying, “Go to Adren Castle,” that means go without return.


This castle is located in the Tabuk region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (and this is more likely to say those who say that it is in Bulgaria), where the Turks (the Ottoman Empire) built it when they were ruling the Hijaz region and the Arabian Peninsula, this castle had a very bad reputation at that time, as whoever enters it is considered missing And the outside of her is born because she is a prisoner or prisoner. Those who are deported to Istanbul in Turkey go to opponents and prisoners, so their fate will be either life imprisonment or execution.

The label

It is said, according to legends and some accounts, that a woman who lived in the Qassim region in Saudi Arabia is called Adrian, and has a husband who loves her madness and fulfills her all her desires and does not refuse her request no matter what, and one day she asked him to take her on a trip overseas, and fulfilled her desire, and when She got in the boat and the waves surprised them, the boat capsized, her husband drowned and she remained attached to a piece of the boat until she reached a deserted island where there is an empty castle and no one lives in it, where she stayed there and lived the rest of her life in that castle, and before her death she wrote her story, then scientists came sailors They discovered the castle and named it Adren Castle.

It is also said that the name Wadrin is a compound name of two parts: “my valley” and “rin” as the word “rain” is of the origin of the English language and means rain, then it was called “valley of rain” or valley of torrents, and the reason for entering this word in English is that The Turks were hiring English and Vatican engineers to build railways and train stations.

Construction and landmarks

Its construction dates back to the year 679 Hijri and some restorations have been made on it by the Museum of Antiquities and Antiquities. The Wadi Rin Castle consists of two floors, the ground floor of which contains an open courtyard, an open mosque, a water well, many rooms and some stairs that lead to the next floor in addition to The presence of some stairs through which they climb to the towers and that they used to monitor and guard the castle and prisoners.


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