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Bahrain Fort

Fort of Bahrain is one of the castles located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, specifically in the suburb of Seef, and is located in the northern part of the shores of the island of Bahrain, and is geographically limited between the village of Karbabad in the eastern part, and the village of Hilla Abdul Saleh from the southern and western parts, as the flame is known as Portugal. The castle is a great site as a major center for the Dilmun civilization that appeared in the country in ancient time.
When the castle was discovered in the fifties of the last century, the Danish mission headed by Peder Willem Globe and Geoffrey Bibi came, then it became a major site for the French archaeological mission’s research and excavations, during which evidence was found that it was a residential site with a geographical area of ​​17.5 hectares, in the period from 2300 BC to the eighteenth century.

History of Bahrain Fort

History of Bahrain Fort:

  • The Kings of Hormuz built a large Persian fort at the front of the castle in two phases: the first during the fourteenth century, and the second during the fifteenth century, and the Portuguese fortified after their control of the fort the Persian fort by constructing stonings on its corners, where the depth of the stacks reached eight meters.
  • The researcher, Monique Coveran, revealed two historical periods that the castle lived in, namely the Islamic and the Portuguese, at the end of 1988 AD, and they are considered one of the most important historical periods the castle witnessed.
  • The layers of the Middle Dilmunic period were uncovered in the castle by the French mission, where clay tablets were found, which are the oldest Cassidian archives in the Middle East, and they also reflect the style of coastal cuneiform.

Stages of building Bahrain Fort

Bahrain Fort has gone through a number of stages until its construction here. We show some of these stages:

  • The local Arab rulers were the first to put the first touches on the flame, in the fourteenth century A.D., and at that time it consisted of four towers of a circular shape, where each of them is located in one of the corners of the castle, as there are many rooms used in it. Some are in ammunition, others are for soldiers.
  • The castle was expanded in its second phase by the local Arab rulers, as they built an external wall at the back of the original wall, and four circular towers were built in it; two were built in the central part of the western wall, and two in the central part of the north and south walls.
  • The castle was used by the Portuguese as a military site for them after their occuAl Bahahn of Bahrain, in the period from 1521 to 1602 AD, as it is an important strategic location, and for this reason they built the headquarters of the commander, expanded the back wall, and built four other towers of square shape.

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