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The city of Acre

Acre is located in northwestern Palestine along the Mediterranean, specifically at the northern end of the Gulf of Haifa. The natural port of this city is a frequent target of invaders throughout the ages. Acre was mentioned in an ancient Egyptian text dating back to the ninth century. Ten BC, where these writings stipulated that the city of Acre was possessed by the Canaanites, Phoenicians, and the Semitic peoples in Palestine and the coast of the East. This city was conquered by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, and by the Egyptian king Ptolemy who called it the Ptolemais.

Acre, Palestine

The city of Acre occurred in the hands of the Arabs in 638 BC, where they developed its port, and its factories producing iron and steel, chemicals and textiles were well known, and then Acre was designated as an Arab city in the division of Palestine in 1948 AD, but it was seized by the Israeli forces in the Arab-Israeli war, and the city is famous for Being a tourist site because it possesses an ancient castle, fortified walls, Al-Jazzar Mosque and several churches dating back to the Crusades, the city of Acre is characterized by having many external streets, narrow markets, walls, and the port that date back to the Middle Ages, where the external sides are characterized by beautiful scenery. Mila is like the ancient walls of the city and the ports, as some of these sites have been restored while others have not been restored, especially the Al Khan.

The historical city of Acre

The city of Acre, surrounded by a stable wall since the Phoenician era, is among the sites that have been classified on the World Heritage List due to its history dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and its possession on the remains of medieval Crusader buildings under the Islamic fortified city, in addition to the remains of the old city, whether Which is located above or below the current street, which provides an exceptional picture of the planning, architecture and structures of the Crusader kingdom in Jerusalem, and that the city of Acre is a living example of a walled Ottoman town with its own urban components such as castles and mosques that were built on the top of the god Crusader eats.


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