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Jeita Grotto

The Jeita Grotto is considered one of the most important Lebanese landmarks in which Lebanon is very famous. This grotto in the Lebanese Republic is one of the most beautiful Lebanese places in which it is located, making it the jewel of Lebanese tourism.

Jeita Grotto website

Jeita Grotto is located, as is evident, in the Lebanese Republic, which belongs to the Levant region of the Asian continent, which is an important country in the extended Arab nation. Jeita Grotto is approximately 20 km to the north of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, to the north of it. It is also located in the valley known as Wadi Nahr al-Kalb.

Jeita Grotto components

This cave consists of two main layers, the upper cave and the lower cave. Jeita Grotto is a number of cavities, coral reefs and lounges in addition to that they are corridors, structures and halls sculpted by nature, and what has come to be known as limestone water that came from the Lebanese highlands, which made it and with the passage of time constitute a wonderful fantasy world consisting of domes and shapes Various in addition to great sculptures and amazing configurations.

History of Jeita Grotto

Jeita Upper Cave opened in 1969 AD, after its discovery in 1958, and the engineer and artist Ghassan Klink made it visitable thanks to his creativity and artistic genius. This cave opened with a solemn opening ceremony that included a very wonderful concert by French musician Francois Pyle. This cave is characterized by the possibility of walking and on foot, which made visiting a great pleasure. As for the lower part of the cave, this part was discovered in the 1830s, and its discoverer was the American William Thompson, and a distance of about 50 meters had passed within it. What made him so certain that the cave had a greater depth than that which he had reached.

This cave nominated for the list of natural wonders of the world, along with all of the island of Butina located in the United Arab Emirates in addition to the Dead Sea, which is shared by Palestine and Jordan. However, none of these three sites did not reach this list, but at least these three sites gained international resonance due to their importance and given the beauty of these three sites. This cave is part of many beautiful sites located in the Lebanese Republic.

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