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Arab mall

Mall of Arabia occupies a distinguished and prestigious position among the commercial complexes, as it sits on the throne of the second rank at the level of the Middle East, and the first rank at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt, where it is located in Cairo specifically in the city of October 6 in a field called Juhayna, and an area of ​​105 acres, opened In the year 2010.

Shopping at Mall of Arabia

The mall consists of a large number of shops, cinemas, display screens, telecommunications companies in addition to game stores and gyms and a fountain dancing in many wonderful colors with bright lighting, a huge number of major international and local restaurants, and parking, and Mall of Arabia is the main destination for shopping in luxury, so that Designed to make shopping an exciting experience, as well as create a great dining atmosphere for the whole family.

The giant Mall of Arabia includes a number of large stores that include 900 international brands, in addition to that it includes a huge mixture of retail stores specialized in displaying the best international brands in fashion such as: Birchka, Accessorize, Nine West and Gap, the most beautiful utensils and household tools and more Modernity, so that it is a living example of elegant urbanization with large spaces, which are designed in an exciting way in the form of a single floor that makes the visitor get lost in the magnitude of his size and easy access to the shops inside.

Mall of Arabia services

As for services, good reception and great and remarkable cooperation by the mall workers, according to the accounts of most of its visitors, it exceeds the splendor of the place, as the level of cleanliness is very high, and there are satisfactory answers to all customer inquiries, except for the presence of a free library open to all, and includes branches for mobile phone companies The three major Egyptian (Mobinil – Vodafone – Etisalat), and the mall also includes a group of international perfume experts to install the finest French and Gulf perfumes and others.

Mall of Arabia features

We can say that Mall of Arabia is a family-run par excellence, because it gives parents the opportunity to leave their children safely within a mix of entertainment such as games halls, amazing flooring colors, wooden toys in the form of clowns, and others, in addition to the Galaxy Cineplex display, to view Hollywood and Middle Eastern movies, and the latest Cartoon films for children.

In addition to the presence of the largest beauty salons, which include the most skilled crews of experts in the field of cosmetics, which makes this place a comprehensive edifice that includes all the needs of the family, and which makes this commercial market a unique experience that cannot be forgotten, and therefore we advise visitors to Egypt soon not to think twice to go To visit Mall of Arabia, and enjoy the services and goods it provides that suit everyone’s tastes and needs.

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