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Halayeb Triangle

The Halayb Triangle region is considered one of the most important territorially disputed areas between Egypt and Sudan, which are three towns: Halayeb, Shalatin, Abu Ramad, and the lands of the Triangle that are administratively governed by the site to Egypt, but Sudan does not recognize this reality and demands It has one of its towns and calls it (the administrative region of the government of the State of Sudan), and it is a region rich in agricultural, fish, water, mineral and oil wealth.

The Halayeb Triangle area is located on the Red Sea, specifically the African side of it, and its area is estimated at twenty thousand five hundred and eighty square kilometers. The region consists of five villages: Abu Ramad, Halayeb, Ras al-Hadraba, Marsa Hamira and Abraq.

Population of Halayb Triangle

The majority of the population of Triangle Halayib belongs to the race Banja, which is Sudanese, and they are descended from the tribes of Al-Ababdeh, Al-Shintrab, Al-Hamad Awab, and Al-Basharyin.

The achievements of the Egyptian state of Halayeb

The Egyptian state takes care of the Halayeb region, and pays special attention to it. It has set up many service and industrial projects with the aim of revitalizing it and improving the standard of living of its residents. Several small projects, such as projects that extract water by condensing it from the air, and manufacturing mobile units in the region to manufacture ice, as well as refining, investment and desalination of Red Sea water.

It is worth mentioning that all of these projects work by alternative energy, or solar energy, as they organized the population, and distributed them in free public housing equipped with all means of living, such as water and electricity, and also supported and provided these housing with health care units, medical and treatment centers, in addition to creating many Schools so that free education is available for all levels of study, and students are given cash as a daily expense, in addition to the payment of monthly salaries for every person over the age of six, and for each individual who is unemployed. All these characteristics made the region open to the migration of thousands of Sudanese to it due to the deteriorating living conditions in their countries.

History of the border dispute in the Halayeb region

The Egyptian-Sudanese conflict over the Halayeb Triangle dates back to the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight AD, where Egypt considers that its right to the region belongs to the Egyptian-Egyptian bilateral rule agreement for Sudan, signed in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine AD, and Sudan does not agree that this is a single state Or administratively.

Sudan submitted several complaints to the Security Council regarding Halayeb as well as Egypt after many conflicts and attempts to control from both countries, until this conflict has become a pressure card waving the opposition forces, and even from the hottest files, which still disturb the two countries.

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