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Dubai is considered an emirate of the United Arab Emirates, and it is characterized by the presence of many landmarks and tourist places, as it is one of the most visited areas by tourists from all over the world, and it is considered one of the most prosperous regions in terms of economic and tourism, and is characterized by the abundance of towers and tall buildings.

Naif Market


Nayef Market is located in Dubai, specifically in the Al-Khail Railway on the road that connects to the Murshid Market, and is located in the middle of the Deira area, and the person can reach it through the Al Maktoum Bridge and until the roundabout, and there is a secondary road that a person can go to from it, which is Al Maktoum Street to the street Twenty-seventh, and after passing from this street, the person heads to the right side, to have reached a street called Naif Street, and in this region there is a California hotel, and after this hotel an estimated distance of one kilometer becomes the person in the center of Naif Market, and near this area there is a center Naif Police.

Its history

The Naif market is considered one of the oldest markets in Dubai, it contains many stores, which are estimated at about one hundred stores, and there is a platform that displays all the needs of the person, so the stores contain all kinds of fabrics, goods and leather products, and everything related to technology and electronics, and there are all kinds of Souvenirs, and most of what is available in the Nayef market are gowns that are sold at reasonable prices for all classes, especially the middle and low-income classes. The market offers a lot of offers, which the customer may benefit from when going into the market well, as Nayif market is dominated by tradition and It is authentic for Dubai, and the reason is because of the cheap prices in the Naif market, except that all the goods that offer Chinese, Indian and Thai goods, and this diversity of types of goods is due to the multinationals that exist and reside in Dubai, so all the people who want to get cheap goods, They should go to the Naif market, because they will find what they want compared to the prices of the malls in Dubai. Bartering is allowed to buy goods and usually takes place in the evening hours.

The reason for calling it

Nayef was named after the Nayef Market, in relation to the castle in the Deira region, which is called the Nayef Castle, and there are many names that were launched on the Nayef Market, which is the fund market and it was named as a result of the crowding and contiguity of its shops with each other, and the Phoenix Market and the reason for its name is due Because of his return and recovery again, after he suffered a fire accident in the year 2008, which led to the fire of nearly eighty-five shops, after the fire was extinguished and disposed of, and the number of these stores increased to twice as much as before.

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