Where is Simon Bolivar Square

المسافرون العرب

Simon Bolivar

Liberation or liberation is what a person aspires to achieve in order to live in peace and dignity in his homeland, and many have struggled to obtain the freedom of their country, and among the most prominent of these figures is Simon Bolivar, who is considered a symbol of liberation in many countries, and in honor of his personality and struggle, a person is made of which many of the images are made. The squares are named after Simon Bolivar, as there is one of the important squares in Egypt called Simon Bolivar, and we will talk about it in this article.

Simon Bolivar Square website

Simon Bolivar Square is located in the heart of Cairo, the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is located specifically in Garden City, and in the distance between Tahrir Square and Nile Corniche, which starts from the side of the Semiramis Hotel and Shepherd Hotel.

Among the most prominent features of this field is a statue made of bronze, which is the statue of Simon Bolivar, and the weight of the statue is five hundred kilograms of bronze, and the length is 2.3 meters, and this statue was made in Venezuela, by the Venezuelan sculptor Carmelo Tabaco, and the pedestal was made by Manuel Blanco, As for the size of Simon Bolivar Square, it is a small square, and it was opened on the eleventh of February 1979 AD, and the field became famous not because of Simon Bolivar but because the American Embassy is located near it.

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History of Simon Bolivar Square

This field is located in an important region; Egypt was subjected to Ottoman rule, and the rule of the Turkish pashas, ​​and for this the field was called in the name of the field of Ilhami Pasha, and Prince Ilhami Pasha is the son of Khedive al-Abbas I bin Ibn Tosson bin Muhammad Ali Pasha al-Kabir, and the field of Ilhami Pasha was the seat of the barracks of the Egyptian army or Barracks of the Nile Palace.

After that it became the headquarters of the British occuAl Bahahn barracks, and after the British exit from Egypt, the British barracks were removed, and the land was sold to foreign companies where it built the Nile Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Shepherd, and Smeremes.

In the era of the sixties there was a clear convergence in the revolutionary ideas between Egypt and the countries of South America, and this statue was placed faith and honor these ideas; Simon Bolivar is one of the heroes of the revolution that erupted against Spanish colonialism on the countries of South America, so he liberated Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru , And Bolivia.

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Introduction to Simon Bolivar

After getting acquainted with Simon Bolivar Square, some people may ask about the owner of this statue, he is Simon Bolivar, leader of the Movement for the Liberation of Latin American countries. He was born in 1783 AD in the city of Caracas in Venezuela, and studied and completed his education in France, and this was why he was so influenced by Napoleon Bonaparte, so he was among his goals The liberation of South American countries from Spanish colonialism that started in the sixteenth century.

When he returned to his homeland, he succeeded in fulfilling his dream, and Simon Bolivar died in 1930 AD, and the Venezuelans celebrate the anniversary of his departure on the seventeenth of December every year to commemorate his memory.

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