Indian Hyderabad

The city of Hyderabad is an Indian city, and it is the capital of Telqana State. This city is located in the southern part of the state of India, and near several other cities, including Qarabad in the west, Burkin, and Najjar Shad from the southwestern side, Amankal from the south, Nalgonda from the southeast, Khamam from the east, and Wrangel from the northeast, and finally an area Bidar from the northwest. As for New Delhi, Hyderabad is located to the south of it, while it is located to the southeast of Mumbai.

Information about it

The Indian city of Hyderabad is the sixth largest Indian city in terms of its population, with approximately eight million people living in this city, according to statistics of the year two thousand and eleven, while estimates of the year two thousand and fourteen indicate an increase in the number of people, where their number is estimated Almost ten million people, knowing that a large part of the population migrated to the city from other regions. As for its area, it is estimated to be approximately six hundred and twenty five square kilometers.

Telugu is the official language in this city, and Urdu is second only to that, except for some other languages ​​and dialects that are found in the city. There are several religions spread in this city, where the Hindu religion formed by nearly seventy percent, then the Islamic religion by about twenty-seven percent, then other religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, and others.

Pakistani Hyderabad

The Pakistani city of Hyderabad is located to the south of the State of Pakistan, to the northeast of the Pakistani city of Karachi, and to the northwest of the cities of Hyderabad and Mumbai, and to the southwest of New Delhi, which is a city relatively close to the waters of the Arabian Sea, and from the Indian border Pakistani.

Information about it

The city of Hyderabad in Pakistan is the second city located in the Sindh region in terms of population, and it also occupies the sixth place in the country in terms of population as well. This city is at the site of the village of Mauryan, and it was previously the capital of the province of Sindh, and over time it became the center of the region named after it. This city is characterized by high temperatures, in addition to high humidity. It is the link between rural and urban areas in Sindh Province.

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