Where is the city of Kiev located?

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It is the capital of Ukraine and its largest city ever in terms of area and population. Kiev is located in the northern central part of the country on a river called the Dnieper, which flows south through the city towards the Black Sea, and is bordered on the north by Belarus, to the south by the Black Sea, and to the east by Russia, And from the West it shares with Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, and it has an important commercial, cultural and educational center in Eastern Europe, in addition to that it contains many famous archaeological sites, and perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes it is that it has a very developed system in the public transport sector, the most important of which is the Kiev Metro.

The importance of Kiev in the old

The city of Kiev is considered one of the most important and oldest ancient cities in Eastern Europe, as it was in the era of the Franks the capital of the Russians and the first country for the Eastern Slavs, and in the era of the Mongols and during the invasion was completely destroyed, which led to the loss of its most important influence in the ages following the invasion of the Mongols, and in the late century Nineteenth and during the Industrial Revolution in the Russian Empire flourished again, and after the Ukrainian People’s Republic became independent from the Russian Empire in 1917, Kiev became its capital, and at that time it was the third largest city in the Soviet Union, and Kiev remained the capital of Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet and Ukraine independence in 1991.

Features of Kiev city

Perhaps the most important characteristic of Kiev is its humid continental climate, in addition to having a very good infrastructure in terms of the presence of a large number of hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, and the reason for designating Kiev by that name is due to the name of Kiev, which is one of its founders, and the most important basic industries are Public services, which include electricity, gas and heavy steel industries, in addition to paper and paper products manufacture, printing, publishing, and the beverage and food industries, and the railway is the most important means of transportation between cities in it.
Kiev is the best place for lovers of fishing and swimming, as there are many beaches, marinas and marine clubs, as well as water activities are held along the River Niort. There are many ancient churches, and the official language of the country is the Ukrainian language in addition to Russian and some other languages ​​such as Romanian, Polish, and English, and German and French are also used, and its currency is the Ukrainian UAH or Ukrainian, and one dollar is equivalent to five UAH. The majority of its residents are Christian denominations in all their denominations, then Muslims come second and most of them concentrate in South of the country in the Republic of Crimea, and then the Jews come third.


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