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The city of Oujda is located in the east in the Arab Maghreb, at a latitude of 34.68, and a longitude of 1.91, and the city is located at an altitude of 551 meters above sea level, with a population of 405,253 people, thus the largest city in the east region, and the city is about sixty kilometers from the south of the sea The Mediterranean, fifteen kilometers from the western region of Algeria, and five kilometers from the south is the Gabriel Hamra forest, which is located in the east of the park Sidi Moafa, and in the north of the city lies the countryside.

Founding the city of Oujda

The city of Oujda was founded in 944 AD by the Berbers) and the city went through many battles and wars by the Berbers, the Arabs, and the Turks, where it suffered a lot of destruction and reconstruction over the years; until it was called the city of fear, and the city of Oujda is considered a gathering center Moroccan and Algerian railways, in addition to being the center of trade and borders, as well as it has an international airport, and it contains many coal, lead and zinc mines from the south, and despite the presence of traces of ancient walls; however, the appearance of the city appears to be modern in general, and is found near The city is an oasis of Sidi Yahya It is the burial place of the legendary John the Baptist, and the site of the Battle of Elle, during which this French defeated the Moroccan army in 1844 AD.

The climate of the city of Oujda

The city of Oujda has a Mediterranean climate, where the weather in the winter is cold, it is hot and dry in the summer, and the precipitation ranges between 300 mm to 500 mm a year, and rarely does the snow fall on the city in the winter, where the last fall Snow on the city on the fifth of February 2012.

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