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Trowel city site

The city of Umluj belongs to the governorate of Tabuk, one of the governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The city of Umluj is located on the western side of the kingdom on the coast of the Red Sea, as it is located between the city of Yanbu on its southern side, where it is an estimated distance of approximately one hundred and thirty kilometers, and between the city of Al-Wajh from the northern side And it is approximately five hundred kilometers away from Tabuk itself, to the southwestern side of it, and this unique location has gained it great importance.

Call it

Umluj was named after Al-Hawara ‘, Laj, and I took the name Laj, because the wave penetrated into this region more significantly than the rest of the areas. It was later named after Umm Al-Laj, and then the name was merged to become Umluj.

Its historical importance

The city of Umluj is one of the historical sites in the Kingdom, as this city has flourished and flourished in the current era, as the commercial movement flourished greatly, in addition to the educational and urban movements in the city, and the city has contributed greatly to the opening of the sea route between Dhaba, which is located To the north of Umluj, about two hundred and eighty kilometers away, which belongs to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and between Safaga which belongs to the Arab Republic of Egypt. Umluj was considered one of the most famous commercial cities after the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, according to what historians have mentioned, but this trade began to fade away gradually over time. The population of Umluj is estimated to be approximately sixty-one thousand.
Some of the specialists mentioned that the city of Umluj is an ancient city, but its name is modern, as it was called in the past in the name of al-Hawra, as it was said that this city was located in the port of the same name. In the north of Umluj, there are a large number of important monuments. The site is called Ghobaya, and this may indicate in one way or another that the Umluj region is the Hawra, which was mentioned earlier in the pilgrimage. Umluj was famous among Arab and Muslim scholars, and there are those who originally return it to the Romen era, as it was called the White City (Loki Loma).

Business of its residents

The city’s residents specialized in shipbuilding, and residents also worked in various businesses, including agriculture, livestock, as well as fishing. The city belongs to many different villages, including Al-Hurra, Al-Nusbah, Al-Shaddakh, Al-Hassi, Al-Bawanah, Al-Hail, Al-Marakh, and others. The number of these villages is approximately forty-five.

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