Where is the Federal Palace located?

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Federal Palace

The Federal Palace is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt east of Cairo in the Heliopolis District, which is the presidential palace and is considered the official workplace in it. It is also called the Oruba Palace, and it is one of the most important palaces of government in Egypt in what was previously called the Heliopolis Palace, but the construction at the beginning was not As a palace of government, the Grand Hotel of a French company was one of its most prestigious luxury hotels in Africa, and that was in 1910, and it is a witness to a long history as it lived through the first and second world wars, and its position in receiving delegations was strengthened, and in 1972 it became the headquarters of the Union of Arab Republics, which included Egypt Syria, Libya and since That time was known as the Federal Palace or Arabism, and remained so until the eighties, so it was fully maintained with preserving its old form to become the presidential complex in Egypt during the rule of Muhammad Hosni Mubarak.

Design and construction

He designed the Belgian Federal Palace, Ernest Gaspar, the Belgian architect, and the design included four hundred rooms in addition to fifty-five apartments, and a number of huge halls, while he built the largest companies in Egypt at that time, namely the company Leo Rollin and Padova Dentamaro and Vero while the company Messes Siemens and Schubert came from Berlin With the furnishing of the palace and its electrical appliances, while the furniture of the rooms was on the fourteenth and fifteenth models of Louis, and huge chandeliers of crystal and twenty-two pillars were placed in the large central hall, which has an area of ​​approximately six hundred square meters, and in one of its sides is a large dining hall. It reached fifty five meters high, and a railway was built on the lower floor along the building, passing through administration offices, kitchens, warehouses, and workers.

Presidential palaces in Egypt

In Egypt, there are eight presidential palaces registered as monuments of the state, most of which were built during the reign of Khedive Ismail bin Muhammad Ali Pasha. Among the most prominent presidential palaces in Egypt in addition to the Federal Palace are the following:

  • Abdeen Palace: It is located in the center of Cairo, built by Khedive Ismail after buying it as a house and the owner was one of the Turkish officers whose name is Abdeen Bey and to whom the palace is attributed. It consists of five hundred rooms in addition to a large library that was ruled by Egypt from six kings and three presidents are Muhammad Naguib, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat.
  • The Dome Palace: And built by Khedive Ismail in central Cairo, it became the official royal residence in 1917 during the reign of King Fouad, and King Farouk made his first radio broadcasts after the death of his father Fouad I in 1936.
  • Al-Tahra Palace: It is located near the Federal Palace and has most of the departments of the Presidency Foundation, purchased by King Farouk in 1941 and placed in the name of Queen Farida, which was taken as the headquarters for the operations of the October 1973 War Operations.
  • Ras Al-Teen Palace: Built by Muhammad Ali Pasha and opened in 1847 in the city of Iskandiya on the shore of the Mediterranean, it is considered one of the most prominent palaces in its aesthetic and history as it marked the beginning of the rule of the Muhammad Ali Pasha family to Egypt.
  • Montazah Palace: It is located inside the park gardens in Alexandria, built by Khedive Abbas Hilmi II in 1892, used as a field hospital during the First World War, and with the end of monarchy in 1952 it was converted into a hotel.
  • Andalus Palace: It has been designated as a hospitality venue for senior guests of the country.


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