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Akashi Kaikou Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world

The Akashi Kaikou Bridge, which is the longest suspension bridge in the world, is located in the middle of western Japan, and connects Maikou in the city of Kobe located in the dry areas of Honshu Island, and the city of Iowa on the island of Awaji, across the Strait of Akashi, with a maximum length of about 1991 meters, It consists of three extensions, the longest of which is located in the middle, which is the longest part of them, while the length of each of the other two extends to about 960 meters, to reach the length of the total bridge at the end about 3911 meters.

The creation of the Akashi Kaiko Bridge

Before the construction of this bridge, the ferries were the main means of transporting people between two points across the strait. One of the storms that occurred in 1995, which led to the drowning of about 168 travelers across these ferries, was the Japanese government to establish it, and actual work began in May of In 1988 AD to be a road that includes six tracks, and the official responsible for its construction, Tsutomu Kawara, announced on the date of the fifth of April of the year 1998 AD, the completion of its construction, to be the most expensive, longest and most powerful bridge in the world at that time, and the cost of its construction was estimated at about $ 4.3 billion And it took ten years to build it.

General information about the Akashi Kaikou Bridge

General information about the Akashi Kaiko Bridge is as follows:

  • This bridge is also known as the Pearl Bridge.
  • In its design, it has winds of up to 290 kilometers per hour, and an earthquake measuring 8.5 on the Richter scale.
  • The height of the two main towers supporting the bridge is about 297 meters above the level of the strait, making it one of the highest bridges in the world.

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