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Moab Mountains

Moab Mountains is one of the mountain ranges in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the Moab Mountains are located in the Karak Governorate on the western side of the city of Karak. The city of Karak and the surrounding areas were a prosperous region in which the Moabite civilization arose, and this city was the center of this civilization, and from the names of the ancient Karak Kir Moab;

The city of Karak gained great importance because of its mediocre location linking the north of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to its south on the old commercial road when the Badia was teeming with commercial caravans in summer and winter. A spot in Jordan except where there is a shrine or a shrine from the shrines of the Companions, may God be pleased with them, so the land of Jordan is a holy land.

The geographical location of Mount Moab

Moab Mountain is located among the plains and reefs on the western side of Karak Governorate on the royal road that connects the Nabataean civilization in Petra, the pink city with Moab civilization. This mountain is surrounded by valleys, most of which are seasonal flowing, and rain from mountains such as Wadi Mujib is gathered, and the height of the summit of Mount Moab is about The surface of the adjacent land has about seventy meters.

The historical monuments that were found in this site or neighboring sites indicate that King Mesha lived in this city, and his reign was a period of prosperity and progress for the region, as the writings found on Mesha obelisk that immortalized his accomplishments; Masha obelisk is a bar of The rock was engraved with drawings and writings on its faces with the accomplishments of this king. Also, traces of irrigation canals, water tanks and terraces indicating Moab civilization were found, and that rain water and springs were used to build an agricultural economy.

Today, only the vestiges of this civilization remain today, as these mountains became rocks that were eroded by erosion factors over the days, and the shrine of our master Aaron, peace be upon him, gave this blessing area, and the Rakin region is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Karak with its vast plains and its view of the Dead Sea and over The beloved land of Palestine, where you can see the lights of Al-Quds Al-Sharif from it, and this region is famous for its vineyards and olive trees and because of its beauty the poets sing about it.

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