Java Dam is the oldest dam in the world

The Java Dam is the oldest dam in the world, located in Jordan, which was built in the fourth millennium BC, to stop the waterway from the small waterway, and to allow more irrigation production on arable land, as there is other evidence indicating the presence of another earthen dam with stone walls It was built in 2700 BC in the Al-Kafara Dam located about 30 km south of Cairo, and it is worth noting that there is a dam built at a height of six meters on the Orontes River in Syria that is still used until the present time, and it was built around 1300 BC, to be used In local irrigation, it is indicated that the Assyrians and The Babylonians had built dams between 700-250 BC, until irrigation and water supply.

Java water storage system

The importance of the Java Dam is focused on the water system, as it is the oldest series of dams, so water channels, some of which are up to eight kilometers in length, were built to direct water to the system of tanks that have a high storage capacity, and the dam walls were designed against the risks of the back pressure of water, It is a precautionary solution used in modern engineering.

The structure of the Java Dam

The Java Dam was strengthened by filling the rocks behind the upper wall, in order to protect the wall from damage caused by water pressure. It is indicated that this technique is an innovative feature of this period of time, but the design was not found and built, and the design was not rediscovered until the modern era It is worth noting that the Java Dam reached a length of fifteen feet, that is approximately five meters, and a height of eighty feet, which is approximately twenty-four meters, and with a base of fifteen feet.

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