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Abdeen Palace

Abdin Palace is considered one of the most important Egyptian buildings in the modern and contemporary era. Abdin Palace is a rare historical masterpiece in the form that it turned into a museum that reflects the luxury with which the palace was built and the important events that it witnessed since the royal era until the July Revolution of 1952. Many interested in museums On his visit as it is considered one of the most important and famous palaces built during the rule of the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha to Egypt, where he was the seat of rule from the year 1872 until the year 1952.

Abdin Palace website

Abdeen Palace is located in Cairo, the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and he ordered the construction of the Khedive Ismail Palace with attractive European engineering planning. The construction of the palace began in 1863 AD and it is named after Abdeen Bey, who was a military commander at the time of Muhammad Ali Pasha. Abdeen Bey bought the lands surrounding it to construct the stately palace.

Abdeen Palace description

When it was established, the palace contained 500 rooms and a hall with colored marble floors and carved in the alabaster. The doors and windows were of stained glass similar to the Belgian palaces. On the doors and windows, colorful paintings of trees, seas, angels and birds were painted on the ceiling, and prominent and gilded geometric art engravings containing Arabic, Islamic and Italian motifs The stairs are luxurious and have been furnished with luxurious red carpets. Antiques and rare paintings are among the most important treasures found in the palace, where large quantities of treasures, antiques and original art paintings are invaluable even if they are displayed to be sold billions.

There are many halls of the throne, but the largest of them is the Muhammad Ali Hall, which is considered the most luxurious hall and contains in front of it a theater that is an artistic masterpiece of its time. The Throne Wing There is the king’s suite furnished with the finest types of carpets, and in the hall there are several rooms such as the office room, salon room, bedroom, and bathroom, and next to it is the wing of the queen mother, Queen Nazli. As for the other wings, it is the wing of foreign guests, located in the upper floor of the palace and in the lower floor there is the pharmacy in which And medicines for all diseases detected treatment treated at the time and in the basement there is a garden palace and the printing press and property management also includes an office of King Farouk was dealing with the hot food.

The history of Abdin Palace

Abdin Palace gained its fame due to its construction in the heart of the capital and leaving distant castles and towers that were inhabited by the Mamluk and Turkish rulers. It was a turning point and a qualitative shift in the thinking of the ruler, and the palace witnessed many important historical events in the history of modern Egypt.


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