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an introduction

Asia is the largest of the seven continents located on the surface of the earth, and Asia includes many countries, most notably China, or what is officially called the People’s Republic of China. Once you hear the name of this country, the first thing that comes to mind is an enormous industrial power, as Chinese industries have invaded the entire world, especially in the times. Finally, the Republic of China is located in the eastern corner of the Asian continent and its area is estimated at 9.6 million square kilometers, and it is the country that ranked first among the countries of the world in terms of population, with a population exceeding 1,338 billion people, and the Republic of China is under the rule of the Communist Party of China, and forms a city Beijing is the capital of China, China has more than 22 provinces, and includes 5 autonomous regions, two autonomous regions and 4 directly administered central municipalities: Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing and Shanghai.

The city of Shanghai

Shanghai, or as you sometimes write, Shanghai, is one of the four central municipalities in China, and this city constitutes the economic capital of the country, and also ranks first among the cities of China in terms of its large population, which exceeded 16,500,000 people, and this huge population meets within an area estimated at 82,000 square kilometers, and this city is distinguished by its convenient geographical location located in the middle of the coast of mainland China and at the mouth of the Yangtze River, which made it one of the most important commercial ports in the country, and it also made it the most important and largest industrial center in the Republic. One of the most important features of this city is the presence of more than 4,500 skyscrapers of high altitude, reaching a height of the highest 488 meters, and the most important of these skyscrapers is the Shanghai Tower.

Shanghai Tower

One of the most important skyscrapers located in the city of Shanghai is the Shanghai Tower, which is still under construction in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, and Pudong contains the top three towers in China: Jin Mao, the Shanghai International Financial Center, and the highest tower of Shanghai.
The Shanghai Tower was designed by the American company Ginsler through a team designed by the Chinese architect Jun Xia, but the work is still going on so that it is expected to reach a length after the completion of work on it to 632 meters, and its floor area will reach approximately 380,000 meters Square.
The Shanghai Tower was ranked first among the buildings and towers in China and the second ranked among the buildings and towers in the world in terms of its high rise, but later the successor tower was built that surpasses it, and the height of the Shanghai Tower exceeded the height of the Guangzhou Tower, which is 600 meters high, but All of these altitudes are expected to be overtaken by Changsha Sky City, which is likely to reach a height of 838 meters, upon completion of the work.

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