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Abdeen Palace

Abdin Palace is considered one of the most important and most famous Egyptian palaces at all, and this palace has passed a very large number of events from the day it was established to this day, as this palace is one of the most prominent Egyptian monuments and not only at the level of palaces, so this palace has a high artistic value It is very large and huge, and no other palace can contest it. Hence, the Abdin Palace is truly an icon of the rule of the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha in Egypt, and it is also considered an important tourist destination dating for a significant period of Egyptian history.

Abdin Palace website

Abdin Palace is located in Cairo, the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, where it is located in the Republic Square, and close to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The history of Abdin Palace

Khedive Ismail ordered the construction of the Abdin Palace immediately after he took over the rule of Egypt, and that was in the year 1863 AD, and this name was named after Abdin Bey, who is one of the leaders of the Egyptian armies, who was assuming his duties in the era of Muhammad Ali Pasha, and he The name of this palace was chosen to be on the name of this leader, given that this leader was among his possessions a palace that was built in the same place as the present palace, and Khedive Ismail bought this palace and demolished it, and built his place the current palace. This palace was the seat of government between 1872 AD and 1952 AD. This, if it indicates anything, indicates the importance that this palace enjoyed in the past with the ruling family.

The content of Abdin Palace

Abdin Palace includes many salons and halls, and each of these halls is distinguished by a distinct color, and these distinct halls and salons are mainly used to receive and honor delegations that used to come to Egypt, in addition to that, the palace is distinguished by the presence of a huge and huge library in it; Almost 55 thousand books. Also, this palace includes a very large theater in which many beautiful chairs are covered in the golden color, and there is in this theater a special place for women, and this theater is currently used to display the plays and various shows for all visitors to the palace who want to know this important historical Egyptian edifice. Abdeen Palace also contains a number of wings, including: The wing that is known as the Belgian Pavilion, and this wing was designed for the guests to stay in, and this wing was named by this name, given that the first to live in it is the Belgian King.

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