The country of Uzbekistan is distinguished by its special tourist character, as it is a mix between the simple nature, ancient history and diverse cultures, and it is the mother country of many famous scientific and Islamic personalities such as Al-Khawazmi, Ibn Sina and Imam Al-Bukhari.
Uzbekistan is a distinctive tourist destination for many Arab tourists, as they are very welcome by the local people, as they love the Arabic language and are keen to learn it strongly, especially with regard to Sharia sciences.
In this short report, we answer our distinguished visitors on the most important questions about tourism in Uzbekistan, such as where is Uzbekistan located, how it can travel to, and what are the most important tourism cities famous for it.

Uzbekistan, where is it located?

Where is Uzbekistan located on the map:

The Republic of Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia on the Asian continent, and is bordered by a group of Islamic republics such as Kazakhstan in the north and west, Turkmenistan in the south, and Tajikistan in the east.
The following map shows where Uzbekistan is located specifically on Google Maps:

How to travel to Uzbekistan:

It is possible to travel to Uzbekistan by requesting its own visa at its embassies and consulates located in several countries around the world, and it allows citizens of several Arab countries to enter Uzbekistan without a visa.
The best way to travel to Uzbekistan is by direct flights to the Capital Airport.

The most important tourism cities in Uzbekistan:

Uzbekistan includes many tourist cities, which are Tashkent and Samarkand the most famous among them, and there are some other cities that we have presented below.

Tourism in Tashkent

Tashkent is the first tourist destination in Uzbekistan, as it is characterized by the beautiful nature and green gardens scattered throughout, in addition to it includes many buildings and monuments dating back to the Middle Ages.

Tourism in Samarkand

The second largest city, after the capital, is a mixture of many cultures such as Arabic, Indian and Western. It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its unique monuments such as the Mosque of Rajasthan and the Delksha Palace dating back to the Timurid era.

Tourism in Bukhara

It is the birthplace of Imam Al-Bukhari and the great Sheikh Ibn Sina, so it is famous for being a center for spreading the teachings of Islamic religion, culture and science, and it houses many antique schools and mosques such as the famous Kalyan Islamic Complex.

Tourism in Khiva

Formerly called Khwarazm, it is characterized by the majestic monuments of Islamic architecture and includes the highest historic minaret in Central Asia and is the minaret of the Qalluq of Timur, which is 60 meters long.

Distances between cities of Uzbekistan:

Here are the distances between the most popular cities in Uzbekistan and the time taken by car to travel from one city to another.

The distance between Samarkand and Bukhara:

The distance from Samarkand to Bukhara is approximately 277 km, according to Google Maps. You can travel to Samarkand from Bukhara by car in approximately 4 hours.

Distance between Tashkent and Samarkand:

The shortest path between the two destinations reaches 307 km, and it is possible to travel from one to the other in 4 hours and a third by car, and it is also possible to travel by express train and plane.

Distance between Tashkent and Bukhara:

Bukhara is about 575 km from Tashkent, which is approximately an 8-hour drive, on the road shown on the map below. It is also possible to travel by plane between the two destinations.

The distance between Khiva and Samarkand:

The distance is about 704 km, and it can be covered by car in 10 hours except a quarter.

The distance between Khiva and Bukhara:

The shortest land distance between Khiva and Bukhara is 458 km, which is approximately a six-hour and ten-minute drive. It can travel by train and plane.

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