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Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America in the District of Columbia, and it does not fall within the borders of any state of the United States, where the American constitution defines the region as a federal region, and Washington is located specifically on the northern coast of the Potomac River, and borders Maryland State is the District of Columbia from the north, east, and west, and is bordered by Virginia on the south coast of the Potomac River, Washington is at latitude 38.9, longitude 77.04-, and rises 6 meters above sea level, it is the largest city in the District of Columbia, and it is worth noting The city of Washington is different from nor Washington, which is one of the constituent states of the United States of America, is located on the northwestern edge of the country, and the Pacific Ocean is located to the west of it.

Washington City Founded

The history of the city of Washington began in 1790 AD, when the American Congress decided to choose a new location for the American capital, where the US Congress established a district with an area of ​​260 square kilometers, to be the permanent seat of the federal government, so that this province would later be known as the District of Columbia, in which Washington was built. The location of this province was in the middle of the eastern coast states, 145 km from the Atlantic Ocean, and in December of 1800 AD, the seat of government moved from Philadelphia to Washington DC, and US President John Adams became the first American president in the White House, and after the American War Except Mechanism expanded the city of Washington, and remained the province and not the state, and since 1974 became managed by locally elected governor, and a local council.

The most famous landmarks in the city of Washington

Well-known landmarks in Washington DC include: The White House, Washington National Cathedral, Washington Monument, Capitol Hill, Presidents and Wars Memorials, National Museums, and the National Mall.

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